Hello 2012!!!

Well folks, Happy New Year to you!! I do hope the new year has kicked off wonderfully for all of you! Its going to be an exciting year for many (and that’s excluding all various eschatological beliefs out there!) with the Olympics, the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and a good few pending nuptials of some dear friends and family. Oh…and not forgetting my own! :p

So yes, there’s going to be plenty of momentous occasions and life-changing events taking place this year – it’s all exciting stuff!! With that in mind, and as part of my new years resolutions (which is a long list this year!) I’ve finally decided to enter the whimsical world of bloggers! I must admit, this all seems a bit foreign to me right now but I am determined to get my head round all the techy little details and master the art of blogging!!! Well, here’s me hoping!

Anyway, my main reason for starting this is not just to quit being an old fart to be in with the new (seeing this is where all the cool kids hang out these days!) but to find an outlet to express and share my obsession with all things creative and hand-made! As many of you know of (and been victims of!) my so-called ‘creative services’, I thought it was best to find a platform of sort that documented and showcased some of the things I have done in the past… and the stuff I still do on the side (when I’m not too consumed by my PhD work!).  I did in fact start a website about three years ago (www.soumyathomas.com) with the hopes of extending my fine art + design portfolio, and even went about setting up a domain for another website www.madebymolu.com to showcase + sell my handmade goods……..but much to my disappointment both of them still remain very much ‘work in progress’ having been side-tracked with numerous other things – aka ‘life’ and ‘work’. Well, I can tell you that I’m pretty much sick of all the excuses I’ve made. It’s just down to me to make things happen. So with a little help from Paul Arden’s inspiring guide to making “the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible” (thanks to my Fiancé for that book!) I am earnestly hoping that this ‘blog’ of mine will kickstart what I started a long time back….better late than never eh? And with the BIGGEST project I’ve just taken on for this year (7 months and counting!), what better incentive for me to get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing!!!  ;)

Right, sooooooo….before this waffle of mine starts to take the form of an essay, I shall bring this post to a close!  I really do hope that this is the start of many fabulous things this year and that it progresses into something I can be proud of! 

Lots of love, x x

PS. how I can write with such ease on here, in emails or on FB than I can on my research papers STILL baffles me!!!!!!

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