it’s finally here!!! :)

So I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and invest in a good sewing machine since I’ve always been interested in dressmaking as well as creating my own home furnishings…..and much to my delight it arrived in a matter of days! Here’s a peek at my new Brother BC-2100 machine (just out of its box!) which I read was a good solid machine for any newbies and advanced users – and fyi, it was awarded the Which? Best Buy Award. Its got 40 stitches, including 5 styles of 1-step automatic button-holing and a six point feed dog that will no doubt be of great help when using on a range of light to heavy fabrics! This model’s RRP is at £249 so what makes this recent purchase even better is that I got it for a bargain at £187 …. including a sewing kit and thread pack consisting of 50 different colours, set of scissors, bobbins, needles, etc.!! Well, there you have it – my new baby which I’m so delighted with and just cant wait to start using it! Will keep you posted on how I get on! x x

To check out the website I ordered the sewing machine from, click  here.


2 thoughts on “it’s finally here!!! :)

  1. cool stuff… hope your brother doesnt mind you cluttering up his flat with all your junk…. so sweet of him to let you stay with him…. well now you can repair some of his clothing….

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