[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Bridesmaids’ bling

Having chosen a more ‘western’ style dress for the bridesmaids, it was essential that I had them customised someway to add that ‘eastern’ touch so it reflected my ‘east-meets-west’ theme. To achieve this elegant fusion of both cultures, I knew the dresses needed to be teamed up with Indian embellishments and accessories –  a combination of gold detailing and pops of bright colours. With that in mind I rummaged through numerous haberdasheries, vintage markets and jewellery shops across London, picking up tons of inspiration and a bunch of assorted sparkled goodies to go with it…..I was in my element! And it sure brought out the inner magpie I never knew existed! :D

I decided to make an embellished brooch that the girls could simply affix to their dresses on the morning of the wedding. With my bridesmaids based in three different places prior to the wedding (London, Glasgow and Cleveland, Ohio!), it seemed the most practical option.  The brooch was made up of three segments of coloured stones which I had dismantled from what was once a bracelet. These were carefully secured using the glue-gun onto a 4cm x 7cm piece of cobalt blue felt fabric that matched perfectly with the dress and fitted beautifully in the center of the ruffled detail of the bust area where the one shouldered strap had once been attached. Its all about customising what you’ve got………..”make, do and mend” as they say! :)

MbM_Our-Wedding_accessories_1-(web)Next up was the tikka – a traditionally Indian piece of jewellery worn on the head by women during festivities including weddings – which I decided to make myself for the girls by using an assortment of  beads and stones (some taken from other jewellery), linking them up with gold wire,with the help of my faithful pliers, and finally fastening it onto a gold chain that was cut to measure (about 8-10cm in length). All that multiplied by three…..et voila! :) I got these, the brooches, and their earrings (these were bought!) wrapped up in cute individual little parcels which I presented to my lovely ladies, along with their bangles and flowers, on the morning of the wedding.

Once I get hold of our professional photos, I shall post a few up so you can see how it all came together on the day!! I do hope you like what you see! :)

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