[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] I ♥ cake toppers

MbM_Our-Wedding_cake-toppers_1I must admit – of all the cake toppers I’ve come across during my early months of  ‘wedding research’  (i.e. scouring through endless glossy magazines and wedding blogs in search for inspiration)….. I am totally and utterly  in LOVE  with these DIY wooden peg cake toppers. Not only are they immensely fun to create (bringing out that inner child you never knew existed and that somewhat nostalgic excitement you once felt as a child just about to paint Easter eggs!) but they can be personalised beautifully to represent the bride + groom (or an entire family, plus pets, for that matter!)…..in a rather cute and comical manner! They are, without a doubt, the most refreshing and creative alternative to the “same ‘ol” traditional option.

These wooden pegs, however, weren’t exactly the easiest things to source as they seemed to be only available in the US, and were quite limited to where they sold! After a couple of weeks of unsuccessful searching, I did begin to lose hope to a point where I felt  I needed to come up with a plan B…..and possibly a plan C! It wasn’t until spring this year when I stumbled across a couple from the US, aka Goosegrease, who sold them as a d.i.y. cake-topper kits… i.e. inclusive of the paints and brushes! An absolute Godsend…..and what a superb little business idea too! Anyhoo – the kit was bought and I cannot express how delighted I was to have them show up in my post! I had the grin of a Cheshire cat! :D

Well, here’s a look at how I did our cake toppers: MbM_Our-Wedding_cake-toppers_2

So….. what do you think? Pretty cute, right?

Well, if you (or anyone else you know) fancy having these awesome little miniatures for your perfect day, then this is the perfect and most therapeutic d.i.y. project to do amidst all that wedding madness – I guarantee that you’ll love it! OR alternatively, if you don’t feel too confident or time is of an essence then  just drop me a line and I’ll be thrilled to create them for you instead ;)  All I need is a recent photo of you and your significant other along with some details of your wedding attire and specific colour themes etc….. and the job’s done! :) So let me know! xx

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