Weekend encounters: ‘Life is beautiful’

Shortly after running a few errands in town, we stumbled across Mr. Brainwash’s exhibition ‘Life is Beautiful’ that was held at the Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street London (just off Tottenham Court Road). The show was originally held during the August month but due to the large turnout and interest it reopened its doors to the public in October……and we were lucky enough to have come across it! For those of you new to the name he is also known as Thierry Guetta – an LA based artist and filmmaker that came to fame after his appearance on Banksy’s documentary ‘Exit Through The Bookshop‘. The show (his first UK solo show I learnt later), consisting of large-scale installations, murals and artwork, definitely grabs your attention whether you are into pop art/controversial street art or not. Here’s a sneaky peek into what lay behind those large warehouse doors……a perfect playground for photographic opportunists! :)

You can find more info on Mr. Brainwash and his works on his official website

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