Trick or treat?

Well it is officially Halloween and what better time to explore those creative d.i.y skills! Unfortunately for me, the last couple of weeks/weekends have been pretty busy and so my big plans to find that inner baker in me went right out of the window. I’ve been itching to bake (or give it a try considering i’ve not baked any sugary delights since my carrot cake in 2010! shocking, I know!!) since being glued to the tv watching every episode of the Great British Bake Off! Not sure if i’m gifted with the right skills in this department (apart from my eating ones!) but I’m dying to give it a try just so I can enjoy all the fun in decorating and adding those delicate finishing touches……that and licking off the buttery icing sugar of the spatula! :D I’m sorry – I know I can be pretty OCD at times but who in the right state of mind can say they don’t enjoy that?! :D  Anyway, seeing as I’ve accomplished nothing in that department as yet I thought I’d share are a few Halloween treats to try out – maybe I can make up for my lack of baking delights this weekend?  Have fun folks!!

Click on the following to find their recipes:

  1. Brain Cupcakes by Martha Stewart
  2. Dark Chocolate Graveyard Pots de Creme with Tombstone Cookies
  3. Spider Cookie Pops by Brooke McLay
  4. Skeleton Cupcakes from All
  5. Boston Scream Pie by Martha Stewart

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