[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Its all about button badges

To personalise our big day even more, B came up with the idea of creating button badges for our guests, as well as our wedding party, with various phrases that summed ‘us’ up perfectly. It was decided that these would be affixed to each individual place cards that would not only make a creative difference to the somewhat traditional place cards but also adds an element of fun and surprise amongst our guests on the tables.

The overall design was kept simple using vintage inspired fonts and by sticking to our primary colour scheme. B used InDesign to set out the 38mm circular templates to use for the designs.  The phrases ranged from common Irish expressions to things we like and our initials to personalised ‘roles’ for the wedding party. Once the designs were finalised, the PDFs were sent off to this fantastic (and highly recommended!) french outfit called Modern City who specialise in custom-made button badges…B found them far more efficient than the few outfits he came across in the UK. So, anyway…. here are a few photos we took of the bad boys!

Here are a few of photos, courtesy of our guests, to give you an idea of how it looked on the day….pretty cute huh? :)

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