Spotted this week: Mr Chris Martin


Walking home from Craft Central’s Gocco Printing Class, we stopped by the Vitra shop window in Clerkenwell London to drool over some beautifully designed furniture when I noticed the whimsical Christmassy doodles on the shop window – unfortunately, my photo above does his work no justice! After a few seconds of inspecting illustrations further I noticed it had been signed by a ‘Mr. Chris Martin‘  – that’s quite a clever, catchy name to remember  I said to myself unless Cold Play’s lead singer had more than one creative streak in him! :) Anyway, I googled him up as soon as I got home and learnt that this talented London-based illustrator has had his work commissioned for many big names such as Nokia, Nike, Ray Ban, The Guardian and many more.

So anyway – I found this brilliant link on Vimeo that shows the artist in question working his magic on the Vitra windows – how cool is that? Love to be doing that myself although that may simply resort to doodling on the windows of my flat as oppose to the Vitra windows! Ah well….. :P

Well you can check more of his awesome illustrations on his website or you can follow all his antics on his blog, facebook page or twitter… take your pick :P  Enjoy!

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