Weekend Encounters: ‘Made in Clerkenwell’

Last Friday we popped along to Craft Central to check out their biannual design show ‘Made in Clerkenwell’ where designers and makers showcased a lot of their bespoke and beautifully crafted designs….just in time for the Christmas shopping spree! Here’s a brief review on what we saw and the designers that caught our attention.

Designers that caught our attention:

Tobyboo is a textiles illustrator known for her ‘thread drawn illustrations’ that has been seen on many homeware products such as cushion covers, tea towels, ceramic teaware, children’s toys, and even cellotape! Her fabulous and unique products, namely her signature range called ‘Oranges & Lemons’, which I learnt from Tina (the lovely designer-maker behind all this fabulous stuff) are stocked at the Museum of London, Mary Portas shop in House of Frasers, Somerset House and online stores Not-on-the-HighStreet including her Etsy store. Im still stewing over what to buy from her – whether its the fabric figurines or her teaware. Anyway….do check her stuff out by which can be done by following her blog or her facebook page!

Made In Clerkenwell 2012_3

Maxine Sutton is another textiles designer-maker who incorporates machine embroidery, screen printing, appliqué and needle-punch techniques into a variety of artwork and homeware products. She uses sustainable and ethical materials such as organic cotton and natural linen creating products that range from lampshades to cushion covers. I personally love the way she ties in gorgeous colours with abstract prints, perfect for a neutral backdrop! To find out more on her work visit her website or you can directly buy her products off her online shop.

Made In Clerkenwell 2012_4

Emily Sidwell‘s jewellery was not only fun and highly whimsical (inspired by what is quintessentially English, vintage and eccentric) but after talking to her for some time (and what a delightful person to talk to!) I soon realised the extent of workmanship that went behind these beautiful pieces where no two pieces are the same! Working from her studio at home, she moulds the wax that makes each individual piece, by hand (a method called lost wax casting process) which is then sent off to be cast in silver or brass. This is then polished up or tarnished further by hand to form the final products that are simply unique!  I had my eye on a beautiful Robin brooch which I now regret not buying so I will keep my eyes peeled for more of her lovely bespoke jewellery such as her Alice in Wonderland collection which can be also purchased off her online store.

Made In Clerkenwell 2012_5

Selina Rose (image 1 below) is an award-winning designer that specialises in bespoke felt surfaces and homeware. I loved the vibrancy in the colours and the intricately cut patterns of her products. Her felt cushions from the ‘Flutterby’ range (seen below) have been extremely popular and understandably why as they are so beautifully cut where the folded butterfly wings to reveal a contrasting felt lining behind and create the most stunning three-dimensional cushions I’ve seen! You can purchase her products through her online shop,follow her on Facebook, or even contact her for bespoke commissioned work. PS. I must say how much I loved her packaging too which was so elegantly designed!

Kate Clarke London (image 2 below) designs some of the most cool and contemporary hand screenprinted homeware that is most definitely ‘fresh, bold, and colourful with a retro twist’. To buy any of her awesome products (which are reasonably priced!) visit her online shop here or follow her on Facebook.

Ane Christensen  (image 3 below) and her metal sculptures are definitely eye-catching. Her ‘crumbling’ silver bowls from her ‘Negative’ Series was my favourite which explores the concept of negative spaces cut out of a surface. If you would like to know where to find her products, here’s a list of London shops and galleries that stock her, or alternatively, you can just drop her a line!

Made In Clerkenwell 2012_6

Hope this has given you a good but brief insight to some of the designer-makers we saw that night. Unfortunately there are FAR too many we liked to mention in this one post so I may just feature a couple of others in a separate post!  For more visual treats however, please visit Craft Central’s photo album on their Facebook page. Enjoy!! xx

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