[Workshop Shenanigans]: Japanese Gocco Printing

So we went along to our first craft class at Craft Central last week eagerly looking forward to trying out this method of screen printing which I’ve heard so much about. I had been feeling really under the weather for the last few days but I was determined to soldier on and not miss out on this! Anyway, just a quick recap of what Japanese Gocco printing is about – it’s an art that is slowing dying out due to the discontinuation of the compact Riso Gocco printing kit back in 2005. These were introduced back in the 70s and almost most households in Japan owned one of these for the convenience it brought. So since being an almost extinct art folk are now jumping at the chance of either obtaining the machines for themselves or signing up to workshops…..like ourselves!

The Class was run by Xtina Lamb of Printed Wonders who’s work includes a lot of Gocco Printing. Five minutes into the lesson we learnt, much to my disappointment (and boy was I disappointed because I had created a few artwork) that this course didn’t actually include the creation of our own screens from our personalised art work…..i.e. actually using the compact machine and the light bulbs to transfer our artwork to the mesh screens due to the misprint in the course details!  That was what I had been waiting for since signing up! Ah well…we were, nevertheless, given a large choice of Xtina’s own fabulous screens that she had designed and got straight into printing. We had an abundance of materials, cards and notebooks to get us in the spirit and so the production line process began!   I am SOOOOOO tempted to get myself one of these machines as it really seems ridiculously convenient and fast to use and I’m hoping that one day these Riso Gocco Printing machines will be relaunched seeing as there’s a recent rebirth of this art!

Here’s a nosey at what we were up to. More photos of the final products; the bunting, wall art and cards that were made will be posted later but hope you like what you see so far and let me know what your thoughts on this style of screen printing!

BLOG_STRIP gocco printing low res

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