The art of Letterpress printing

Gosh I nearly forgot about the Letterpress printing workshop we signed up for……you can only imagine my delight when I was reminded earlier that the class was on tomorrow – I cannot wait!!!!! Both myself and my hubby have always longed to give letterpress printing a go having a keen interest in typology and the type of illustrative art work you can create out of what was once a  primary method of printing and distribution of information until the second half of the twentieth century! So when we came across the advert for this 3-hour course at Craft Central, hosted by Turnbull Grey we decided then and there to sign up for it! We also decided that it would be our Christmas gift to each other……and why not, seeing as we probably would still be stewing over what to get (stuff we probably wont be needed anyway!) and this has always been something we’ve longed to do for quite some time!

So, before I head off to bed buzzing about tomorrow’s workshop I thought I would share a little gem of a video (courtesy of Jamie Murphy on Vimeo) showing you the level of work (and patience!) that goes behind letterpress printing. This video is made on the letterpress printed book ‘Albert, Ernest & the Titanic‘ beautifully written by Colm Tóibín which tells the story of  the printers on board the Titanic as they travel on one of history’s tragic voyages (marking the 100th anniversary this year back in April). The book was printed at the Distillers Press, NCAD, Dublin, Ireland where the final stages of production are captured in this very video – isn’t it simply marvelous!?! Not only are the texts all hand set but the illustrations (40 of them!) are all linocut! What we do tomorrow is a fraction of the work you see there…..ohh but I can’t wait…..roll on tomorrow I say!!! :)

If you fancy a bit of light reading check out more on the aforementioned book (it really is stunning!) and the workings behind it by visiting the Titanic Letterpress blog. Well, good night for now folks but watch this space as we’ll be reporting back with more on the workshop!! Enjoy the video!!xx


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