[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] It’s the little details that count!

We received our professional wedding photographs a few weeks back so thought I’d share a few gorgeous images from the day captured by our lovely and talented photographers Simon and Sylwia of Crofts & Kowalczyk Wedding Photography. To sum up all the the posts i’ve written to date on here regarding our wedding d.i.y. projects, I’ve just selected a few that show all those extra little details and finishing touches we put into our wedding to make it more that bit more personal……..I think despite me still feeling like I could have done a lot more (believe me, I had more ideas on my plate!), I should probably be happy for what we’ve accomplished – bearing in mind we worked from two different cities on a wedding that took place in another! And a special thanks goes out to Louise Macpherson who assisted us perfectly on the day and the few weeks in the run up to it – making sure all our ideas (all 101 ideas!) came together nicely. To have someone in Scotland and on the same creative wavelength made one hell of a difference!!! Thank you!!

Soooo… I do hope you like what you see! x

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