Making a difference: “I’m a piece” craft project

I’m not sure if anyone else has come across this earlier but I stumbled upon this rather interesting craft project on Craft Candy‘s Events Listing called “I’m a piece” that was conjured up by Craftivist Collective who are a group of creative individuals who believe they can make a difference through the strength of craft.  This latest project of theirs, in association with Save the Children Race Against Hunger campaign, aims to get as many folk involved in creating a jigsaw piece (designed and stitched) for a huge art installation. The reason behind Craftivist’s Jigsaw puzzle is to make a large statement….a “contemporary craft movement” as they put it….. that voices the importance of tackling global issues of injustice and poverty to our government and other world leaders in time for the G8 summit this year. And with the help of this nationwide installation they hope to put this issue on top of their agenda! 


So what do you think……do you fancy signing up for this? The deadline for all submissions is the 28th of February so I think, as a fellow crafter, I may actually join in on this campaign as I do believe it is important to raise awareness and reinstate these issues we all tend to acknowledge easily but do nothing about…..and I what I love the most is we use what we love the most….crafting….to make this huge statement. Actions speak louder than words right? Now, I just need to double check it doesn’t coincide with any other deadlines and I’m all set to go I think! :) Exciting stuff!!

For more details on this project visit the project’s official website by clicking here where you’ll ‘everything you need and more’ including videos and tweets posted by other participants!  You can find step-by-step instructions here, the template for the jigsaw piece here and should you need any help on what slogans to stitch onto your pieces then here are some inspirations. Happy Jigsaw making folks……I do think this is a fascinating and creative way to make our voices heard so why not jump onto the creative bandwagon!! If you do decide to take part, please do send me images of your lovely creations to add here! Best of luck!! xx


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