Inspirational books for your collection!

photo 2aI got these wonderful books over the Christmas period (thanks to my hubby!) and I simply had to share it with you as I do find them really helpful!! If you’re a crafter/designer-maker/artist and hoping to set up someday i.e. branding your business and selling you work, or simply wondered how to enter the whimsical world of blogging then The Handmade Marketplace book by Kari Chapman and Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton are well worth buying! I must admit the The Handmade Marketplace book by Kari Chapman is targeted at the American market but the points and tips she covers in the book are still valid to anyone….simply apply it to the market/area you are in! She does another fabulous book titled ‘Grow Your Handmade Business…’ which discusses and tackles all the issues that help creative entrepreneurs in turning your business into a successful one! For some stationery eyecandy by various designer-makers then the book I ♥ Stationery by Charlotte Rivers of Lottie Loves is just perfect and will definitely help get your creative juices flowing!! :) Anyway, do have a look and they won’t break your bank either – I believe Amazon does some great deals at the moment with free shipping so even more reasons to get yourselves a copy! Happy reading folks!! xx 
D1. The Handmade Marketplace book by Kari ChapmanE  2. Blogging for Creatives by Robin HoughtonF3. I ♥ Stationery by Charlotte Rivers

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