[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Table/Seating Plans

BLOG_STRIP seating plan 2


Okay, so I’ve a couple more d.i.y. projects from our wedding series to post on here before i’m all done (!!) and this is one of them: our lovely vintage-glam seating plan! This was beautifully designed and put together by my hubby (yep – he’s just as OCD as me which is a real bonus!) who then shipped it all the way over to Scotland for the big day! I’m afraid he didn’t get the chance to document a step-by-step series of his work in progress but I can tell you what he used: a combination of an old vintage white A0 size frame (isn’t it simply stunning!?) which he sourced from a seller on ebay, with brown eco-friendly gift tags, a printer, scalpel, purple ribbons, kappa board (foam board) used as packers and lastly…..a HUGE amount of patience!!! And these are the images taken on the day by our professional photographers. What do you think? Looks the part, doesn’t it? Well, I sure was proud of him!! :) xxx

BLOG_STRIP seating plan web

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