[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] Thank you cards

DSC_0770 webSecond last entry of all our wedding d.i.y. projects (we’re getting there!) – our wedding ‘thank you’ cards! We had a couple of fancy ideas in mind for these but in the end time factor did play a huge part and we resorted to a much simpler design and format. We still opted for a personalised stamp to feature on our cards since we had incorporated that technique throughout our wedding stationery. So, we designed a rather simple (generated on Photoshop and then sent away to The English Stamp Co. to be made) that consisted of a heart with the words ‘thank you‘ within it….placing it diagonally so that the edges of the ‘T’ and ‘U’ overlapped the heart (as you can see in the images). We used thick card in a light grey hue (from Paperchase) and measured out as many A6 postcard onto the A1 sheets. And then the tiresome task of cutting out began! Using a scalpel (making sure the blades were changed regularly to achieve clean cuts) we cut around 100-120 A6 cards! We chose to do this only because we couldn’t get whole of pre-cut cards in that colour! Anyway, once that was done, we moved onto the fun part that is stamping! Et voila! We wrote personalised messages on the back to each individual guest and popped them into an envelope ready to hit the post! As you can see, it’s pretty simply really and there’s numerous designs and techniques than can be achieved with basic materials….for instance you can use embossing powder directly over the freshly stamped area and heat it up with the heat gun to get a slightly raised surface to your cards……… so why not give it a go yourself! :) xx

BLOG STRIP_wedding thankUs  webDSC_1335 webDSC_1344 web

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