Craftivist #Imapiece project update: The unveiling of the final installation!

My word – we have social networking sites going crazy with messages about this project as everyone tries to finish off their pieces by Thursday! Well, I can tell you that Craftivist Collective have announced that there will be an unveiling of the final installation in Manchester on the 1st of March (next Friday) made up all those hand-sewn Jigsaw pieces we crafters have worked on! Well, I’m pleased and relieved to say that my piece is finally complete and now ready to hit the post tomorrow! I’m not entirely sure if I’m able to head along to Manchester as yet but I know for a fact that I’m really looking forward to tuning in someway or another to see the final product!!! I’m SO glad to have taken part in this campaign and really do hope that it does actually help encourage our MPs and David Cameron to put this issue of Poverty and Hunger high on their list of agendas! Like I said before, it’s easy for us all to sit back and acknowledge the issues in this world but unless we make a stand for theses causes then we are not going to make a difference. I strongly believe in the words Kevin Heath (CEO of More4Kids) which is what I picked for my jigsaw:

Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference“!

So if you haven’t signed up to this campaign (FYI – there is still time to partake. Deadline is 21st February!) then I would urge everyone to do a little something to help…..and it can start in your own neighborhood. However small that gesture may be, remember that it is never too small or wasted! Now that’s my second quote for the piece i’m hoping to make for my local MP should time permit!

Anyhoo, without further ado, here’s a look at my completed jigsaw before I send it off in the morning!

BLOG_STRIP imapiece project web

Where: People’s History Museum, Manchester

When: 1st of March (friday) 6-8pm

Who’s going to be there: Save The Children, initiators of this huge ‘craftivist’ movement, local MPs, media folk, craft bloggers etc

You can find more information at Craft Collective’s I’m A Piece project website.

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