Sew…..a needle pulling thread!

I had a few sewing projects lined up so seeing as I’ve not really done a whole load of sewing in my lifetime I thought I’d dabble in a bit of hand-sewn craftiness. As a little practice run (while watching tele after dinner last weekend), I used the hand-printed scrap of fabric I had done from the lino printing workshop and cut out the little chicks in circles (why I opted for circles at that scale is beyond me but the task was completed nonetheless). This may come to a bit of surprise to many crafters, but I’ve never really tried anything ‘daring’ such as pin cushions, cushion covers or even a tote bag despite me always longing to try it out. Funnily enough, I did take up a dressmaking evening class years back and still to finish that skirt I started then (but that’s another story!). Anyway, I just thought I’d give it a go as I was particularly curious in learning how to close off the opening of say a cushion or a toy using an ‘invisible ladder stitch‘ –  which by the way is ingenious and one we should ALL know how to do! So here’s me having a go at creating little pin cushions….more like mini bean bags actually! Could possibly even use them as mini hand-warmers that you can heat and put into the pockets of your jackets! The overall experience was fun and very educational so I’m looking forward to moving onto bigger and better projects using my machine! But hey, the point in all this is: If I can do it….so can you! xxBLOG_STRIP pincushion 1 WEB

What I used: hand-printed cotton canvas fabric (I wouldn’t recommend you to use this on small-scale projects as this as it is quite a thick material to handle particularly if you’re starting this for the first time) / fabric scissors / needle + thread / rice grains for filler (I just used what I had at home!)

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