[D.I.Y. Gifts]: Personalised ‘Baby Boy’ wall art

BLOG_STRIP babyboy_joshua 3bThis is the second half of the present for the Macpherson’s little boy (who by the way is soooooooo darn adorable!!!).  I had been pretty set on the idea of doing a paper-craft wall art before moving onto the baby grow and from the many ideas (and experimental runs) this what I ended up going for. I have a feeling I’m going to be told that i’m nuts for having cut each and every letter and number by hand when there are advanced gadgets out there that make the process a whole lot easier. But in my defense, I do actually enjoy the art of doing things by hand……..even though it takes that tad bit longer!

Anyhoo, I played around with the chosen text in InDesign making sure that it all lined up etc. Once that was done, I printed it off onto tracing paper. The reason for this, is so that I can outline the edges of the lettering using a pencil (note: on the reverse side of the paper!).  I then placed it the right side up onto the heavyweight card and went over the outlined edges. Make sure you put too much pressure on the pencil to avoid making an indent into the card! Now, when you lift the tracing paper off you’ll see that it’s left a faint graphite transfer onto the card. As an F.Y.I. – you can use a lightbox (or a makeshift one) to trace directly onto the card but this depends on what thickness of card you go for. Okay, now comes the process of cutting it all out using a very sharp scalpel blade (you may have to change it half way through just to keep the cuts very clean!). Then the stamping fun begins: using a mini blue stamp, I just stamped all over the card (do make sure you had backing paper down first!) as though stamping over a stencil. By the way, you could use that technique where the backing card you stamped on becomes the actual final art. But I used, what is in essence, the ‘stencil’ as the final piece because I felt it gave a cool, edgy ‘graffiti’ look. After this, I backed it up on two panels of 5mm thick card and mounted it into the box frame giving it a raised/relief look…… and bob’s your uncle! Simplicity is really the key approach and it all comes down to how you frame the final piece that makes a considerable difference! So then, why not have a go….? :) xx  BLOG_STRIP babyboy_joshua 3WEB

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