[Personalised Gifts]: Lavender Hearts for Mother’s Day

My folks were over last week (hated saying goodbyes yesterday!) so I was really fortunate to have spent Mother’s Day together as a complete family unit! I’m not normally big on commercialised occasions but when you are separated by miles of land and oceans, time spent together is truly invaluable! And what are my chances that their impromptu visit coincided with Mother’s Day. So yea, I cannot be more grateful really.

Anyway, seeing as I was feeling a lot more confident with the sewing machine, I set out to make some lavender hearts for my two Mums (mine and my husband’s!) as small token of our love for them and all that they have done and sacrificed for us over the last twenty/thirty odd years! In the end, I ended up making 3 large hearts and two small ones! :D So here’s how they turned out………..ohhh and boy did they just smell simply divine!!!BLOG_STRIP lavender hearts WEB2 BLOG_STRIP lavender hearts2 WEB2

These lavender hearts can be a perfect little accompaniment to a vintage themed tea party, bridal shower  or a wedding so if you would like one made to order then simply drop me a line (via email, here or on my Facebook page) to discuss it further. I can have them made in various different fabrics, colours and sizes depending on your requirements and can even be personalised to include their name etc. More details will be posted on Facebook so stay tuned. xx

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