[Wish List]: “…you look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two!”

Well maybe not a tandem…..but in this case some vintage inspired Dutch bicycles! Oh if I had some cash to splash with, this would be one of the things on the list to buy! Living in London, I haven’t as yet been pulled into the cycling-to-work trend. I’m more the cycle-for-leisure type of gal that prefers the wind to blow gently through my hair as I rode down the lanes (as oppose to racing down meandering through heavy traffic!) and always have been. So what better suited bicycle than the BEG bicycle which is this week’s wish list! Built exclusively in Belgium, they have two models for both the ladies and for the gents – both with elegant classic detailing and retro charm. With colour palettes like Persephone Pink, Flirty 30’s Green, elegant Chalk, and Toad Grey these bikes are pure and utter retro eye-candy! Oh and the accessories to go with it……..ahhh, I won’t ramble any more as I will let these photos I found on their website do all the talking!! :)  But I can’t deny that I am in love with these beauties!! xx

Beg Bike _Bella 1 Beg Bike _Billy 1 Beg Bike _Billy 2Beg Bike _Bella 2
Beg Bike _Accessories 1

Beg Bike _1Beg Bike _Betty 1 Beg Bike 2

Beg Bike _Accessories 4

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