To ‘like’ or to not to ‘like’……that is the question

FACEBOOK LIKEI’m not sure if any of you have ever thought the same way but is it just me when I begin to think that the ‘like’ button under every comment and photo on Facebook is killing the art of social communication? Agreed, that we don’t all have the luxury that is ‘time’ and it is of the essence, so to ‘like’ a comment or photo is far better than to do nothing at all! But then do we hit that button far more than we ought to because it’s easier than having to actually make our fingers move across the keyboard to create a comment? Is it making us lazier particularly now that we have our world at our fingertips? Before it was introduced, I remember how we all used to make the effort on commenting and now all I see are ‘like’ this ‘like’ that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with ‘liking’ something (especially ‘liking’ pages which is a different thing altogether!) and I for one am guilty as charged and very conscious of this myself which is why I’m trying to comment where possible! It wouldn’t hurt to add a little comment or two once in a while either, right? And surely this is even more critical to do so on business pages or personal blogs where the owner of that page or website would actually benefit from comments and feedback from their readers. So with everything becoming so accessible to us where we can easily ‘pin’, ‘re-tweet’ and ‘like’ things we see in this cyber world does that remove us further from vital social interaction and communication? Bearing in mind we all seem to be loosing that anyway by being glued to our smartphones, tablets and computer screens more these days!

What do you think folks? Am I on my own in thinking this? How about you leave your thoughts in the comments section – now there’s an idea! ;) :D   xx

2 thoughts on “To ‘like’ or to not to ‘like’……that is the question

    • Hahaha :D But I agree too – I end up stumbling across some lovely blogs while scrolling through comments. I thought FB and Twitter would help lead more traffic to the website (which it does!) but the ‘likes’ and any comments takes place on the social networking sites as opposed to the actual blogpost………and more ‘likes’ than comments. Ah well, maybe it will get better in time? Thanks for your comment though! x

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