Silk Screen Printing Workshop booked!

So I finally went for it!! I’ve been wanting to try screen printing for aaaaaaages but wanted to wait and save a bit before splashing out on a workshop. But thanks to my lovely hubby, I’ve been treated to this workshop run by Zeena Shah…..”see it as an investment” he said! :D Anyway, i’m totally chuffed and even more delighted to be working with Zeena again (she is one talented lady!). I did her lino-printing workshop back in January (click here to see my post) which I thoroughly enjoyed….so as you can imagine….i’m eager to be back in her awesome East London studio and experience the same design process that goes behind her amazing work! So………roll on May!!!! I’m totally itching to start looking at drawing up a few design options already in preparation for this! Eeeeeek  I cannot wait!!!!! xxSCREENPRINTINGworkshop




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