Facebook page ‘news feed’ changes, etc

There are a few things to note with Facebook with regards to recent changes that have taken place without our knowledge until a couple of  fellow users/friends kindly pointed it out to me! I do wish they would actually tell us users when they are about to change something because it can be rather frustrating and even have an impact on your profile!

Firstly,  if you’ve ‘liked‘ a ‘page’ (be it a blog, fan or business page) you now need to check if you’ve selected to either “get notifications” or “show in news feed” in order to get any alerts of recent postings from that page. Facebook apparently sets these automatically and randomly by default (just like it does with news of friends off your list) so you need to just double-check this particularly if there are pages you actually want to get alerts from. Now funnily enough, I have noticed on my page, that the number of views on each post I’ve made over the last couple of months have decreased – I used to get over 200 views (your stats indicate this at the bottom of each post) but now have drastically dropped by half or more than half in some instances! Initially it did make me concerned thinking I was loosing interest from followers but something just didn’t seem right especially when I noticed my overall ‘likes’ for the page were in fact increasing! So this could possibly be the reason……where your posts are not being ‘seen’ by many of your followers because the settings have now been played with by Facebook?? Obviously this isn’t going to help personal blogs and businesses so could I please urge you all to check the settings simply by hovering your mouse over the ‘like’ button of the page and then selecting ‘get notifications’ or ‘show in news feed’……oh and they now have ‘add to interest list’ which I’m not as yet sure how it works. And you can start by checking on the ones you’d like to follow more closely. Anyway, here’s a screen shot of what I mean:

facebook changes april 2013

Secondly, when you ‘like’ a page I was told that if you like it via a ‘page’ of yours as oppose to your personal profile page then it doesn’t count as a ‘like’ for that page you’ve followed i.e. it doesn’t do anything towards bumping up the number of ‘likes’. All this time I’ve been ‘liking’ pages via my Made by Molu page as I wanted to keep those craft/handmade/design/vintage related pages i liked associated with my blog/business page……you’d think that made sense keeping business with business and personal with personal! And where certain pages that needed more support from followers I’d ‘like’ it through my personal profile page too thinking they’d BOTH count. But nope – only the one from your personal profile actually counts! Bit silly to be honest but I thought I’d let you know. So if you’d like to show your support to these ‘pages’ or want to add to the count for a giveaway or competition then do remember to ‘like’ them from your personal profile for it to be actually  included.

So those are the two I’m aware of! If any of you know or hear of any other changes encountered on Facebook please PLEASE do let us know!! Some of these can actually have a bigger impact on blogs and businesses than you’d imagine!

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