[What’s On] Etsy UK Wedding London Showcase

Well, I’m not sure how many of you were aware of the Etsy UK Wedding Event that took place over the weekend but I somehow managed to miss all the news about it (whoops!) so couldn’t make it to the public viewing having made other plans – FYI, this was their first UK event showcasing some of Britain’s finest and talented crafters and wedding suppliers. I did however manage to pop along the Q&A session they held on the Friday afternoon where they had a panel of well-known wedding bloggers; Annabelle of Love My Dress and Charlie of The Natural Wedding Company (so good to finally place a face to their names!)  along with the Etsy team. It was just a one-hour long session of Q&As where Etsy Sellers (or to-be-sellers like myself!) had the opportunity to ask the pros a range of questions on how to target the wedding market in the right way, tricks of the trade on marketing tactics which included key advice on how to photography your products that was suited to your business and market, how to approach blogs in the correct and “friendly” manner about potential features of your work, etc. So it really was insightful to take down all those key pointers away from that session as well as meeting other sellers out there. As many of you know I’m still dithering about selling on Etsy simply because I’m afraid the overwhelming amount of work I have to do from my day jobs will prevent me from meeting the demand for my handmade products. Anyway, after some encouragement from friends and fellow crafters /designer makers, I have actually got round to setting up a shop but yet to list stuff on it (which seems like a mahoooosive process!) But I will let you all know in due course when it’s ready for the public! :P  And maybe the next time Etsy UK hold an event, I could possibly sign up to be showcased…..now there’s a delightful thought! :P

Right, so back to the Etsy UK Wedding event. I had a nosey through the work displayed downstairs – which was SO beautifully laid out for the public event on Saturday; from personalised cake toppers and stationery to bespoke made dresses and accessories! And boy was the work displayed there to of such high standards…..I left pretty impressed and knowing what benchmark to meet! And it’s also great to know that we now have more UK sellers on Etsy without having to order from our neighbouring American sellers (like when I did last two years!) Anyway, here are a few photos I took with my iPhone (© Made by Molu) and if you want to see more from the actual event on Saturday then check out Etsy UK’s facebook photo album and for more information on the sellers and products check out Charlie’s recent blogpost or on Annabelle’s blogpost. Enjoy!! xx BLOG_STRIP_ETSY UK WEDDING EVENT WEB BLOG_STRIP_ETSY UK WEDDING EVENT2 WEB BLOG_STRIP_ETSY UK WEDDING EVENT3 WEBAnd a sneaky shot of the Q&A Panel via my Instagram:


9 thoughts on “[What’s On] Etsy UK Wedding London Showcase

    • Not at all! :) It was nice to take home all those pointers and apply it to when I start selling someday soon. Found it very encouraging so fingers crossed it all goes well when I do open my shop! I Just need to be super disciplined to make sure I juggle my time between that and my day jobs. But there’s many folk out there who do it so well (with a family too!) so that’s just the kick-up-the-backside I need! And, I have no excuses really! :) xx

  1. Hi there, great blog and thanks for featuring my little invites in a few of your photos, I wish i could have made it to the Q&A on Friday, it sounds really useful and would have been lovely to meet some new people, hopefully there will be more events like this one though. Good luck with the Etsy shop, i look forward to seeing your work.
    Claire from The Little Posy Print Co x

    • Hi Claire!

      It was an absolute pleasure! I would’ve happily stayed longer taking more photos as I think your work is simply stunning! :) Love the style of your work and shame I hadn’t come across it at the time of our wedding last year! :P Hope the Etsy Wedding Event on the Saturday went well for you? So wished I had been able to make it for that day as I’d love to have met more like-minded folk in the wedding industry – another time I hope! Anyway, all the best and looking forward to keeping an eye out for beautiful invites! xx

      • Thanks so much, its really nice to hear such positive feedback on my work, until the last few weeks it has really been family and friends who have see it all and they have to be nice about it all lol! It’s lovely to know that now that I am gradually unleashing it all onto the world (which I was quite scared of doing) it is getting a positive reaction. The Etsy event seems to have got my bits noticed which is fab, exactly what I needed I think. Its all very exciting and new, I’m sure you feel the same with your new business xx

      • awww not at all! If I like something, I’ll say it! :) And I know exactly how you feel! All my work have been gifts or commissions, and my friends and family have been awesome support to date which is partly the reason why I’ve been looking at setting up a ‘shop’. But it does make a difference when someone else from the public notices your stuff and leave positive feedback! :D Glad to hear you got your work noticed at the Etsy event – word of mouth is the best way to grow and I’m sure you’ll do just fine! :) I hope to follow suit someday soon! Good luck and thanks for following! If you’d like me to feature your designs on the blog, drop me a line. I do this monthly interview thing on emerging or recently established artists and designer makers, if you’re interested! :) xx

      • At the risk of sounding mega keen… Oh my goodness I would be so so interested, thanks so much, that would be fab! Just let me know what I have to do and when. Thanks so much again x

      • Hey Claire! Sorry for the late reply but I’m delighted to hear you’d be up for it! You can never be too keen lol. I’ll drop you a line sometime this week and let you know what month to fit you in :) looking forward to it! xx

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