[What’s On] ‘Eat + Snap’ Photo-gathering session

BLOG_STRIP_EAT-N-SNAP-1-webOn Saturday, I made my way over south of the River to meet a group of avid photographers and bloggers for Michelle’s Eat + Snap event; it’s a photo-gathering session where a group of us met for brunch, discussed all the tricks of the trade and went off galavanting around the markets with our cameras capturing whatever we found that caught our eye. This was Michelle’s first session and judging by how great the day panned out and having met so many like-minded creative enthusiasts I think I can confidently say she’ll be running more of these in the future – and if she does, it’s one I urge you to partake in! So, we (the 9 of us!) met at Village East on Bermondsey street – a gem of a place (and area!) I hadn’t explored yet – and we all had a good ol’ natter over some great food. I’ve met Michelle once before; at Zeena’s Lino-printing workshop taking photos for Mollie Makes magazine which is also where I met Charlotte from LottsandLots who turned up at this event too, so it really was nice to see a few familiar faces again. As for the other faces – well I was delighted to have met them too for you really couldn’t’ get a nicer, friendlier bunch! :)BLOG_STRIP_EAT-N-SNAP-2-web

Once we finished brunch, Michelle went through the key ‘must-know’ basic techniques (you’d be surprise to know that even though you think you know them or have covered them before, you’ll still need a refresher’s course!) followed by some tips of her own and some examples of her fabulous work. And then we headed out to put all the tricks to practice. Michelle initially had planned on taking us out to Borough Market but then decided to check out Maltby Street Market which was just round the corner from where we were. I hadn’t heard of this place before but when we got there it was just the perfect spot for our street-photography. It’s a much smaller place than Borough Market but the street that opens out by the arches, known as the ‘Ropewalk’, was bustling with punters selling fresh street food and high-end artisan produce. And the arches are taken over by a range of quirky bars and restaurants so if you’re looking for a delightful gastronomic experience (not to mention a street-photgrapher’s haven!!), this is place is a must-visit! It is smaller than Borough Market but the good thing about that is it’s laid-back and bursting with charming characters (both punters and vistiors!) I certainly will be going back there again….making sure I savour all the food! ;)BLOG_STRIP_EAT-N-SNAP-3-web

Come 2pm we started to wind down and a few of us that remained decided to sit down for some gin-based cocktails by Little Bird Gin (distilled in London!) before heading home. All in all, it was such an amazing way to spend my Saturday morning doing what I love and meeting some genuine lovely people! The photos here are only a sample of what I took on the day just to give you a wee taster (I may put few more up on our sister blog ‘Hidden Exposures‘). Oh…before I forget – I simply had to add this one below, which pretty much summed up our camera-happy day! ;)

DSC_2978 EDITED webA massive thanks to Michelle for this wonderful and fun opportunity! If any of you are interested then I’d keep your eyes peeled for future dates on her blog. It’s pretty relaxed and great way to meet new creative people! If you want to see other blog posts about the day check out the ones on Lotts And Lots, Randomly Happy and of course My Creative Photography! xxx

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