[D.I.Y.] Hand-stamped business cards!

I’ve been playing around with my business cards earlier in the year determined to make them myself using rubber stamps with the Made by Molu logos I designed a while back to use for labels and packaging. All the contact details had initially been written by hand (I was clearly bonkers to patiently write it all out) until I decided a month ago that it was about time I had them professionally made courtesy of  The English Stamp Company seeing as I needed to churn out more to take with me to events as well as parcel up with my gifts and commissioned work! So here’s a peek at what it looked like in the early months of this year and after revising the designs again (some of you may have seen these already!). I used plain recycled grey card stock (2mm thick) which I hand cut down to the standard dimensions of a business card; 85mm x 55mm and then hand-stamped my Made by Molu logos (in my all time favourite Magenta colour) on the front and the contact details on the back. All in all it’s pretty simple but it’s exactly the handmade yet professional look I was after!  Just have to make sure I have enough of these at hand especially as I’m out more meeting new people in the creative industry – and this Sunday’s Blognic is my next meeting-up event! :D So what do you think? IMG_6927 WEB

and the brand spanking new cards fresh off the press today…DSC_2813-WEB DSC_2819-WEB DSC_2829-WEB DSC_2841-WEB DSC_2872b-WEB DSC_2880-web IMG_6931-WEB

 Anyway folks – hope you have a fabulous weekend where ever you are! If you’re in the UK – then I hope you’re rooting for good weather as much as I am!! xx

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