Let it be

This has always been one of my favourite songs and McCartney knows best how to hit the spot with those three famous words. It’s been rather comforting to me in the recent days having lost a good friend of mine over a fortnight ago. Loosing anyone dear to you isn’t the easiest of things to deal with but when they are taken from you so tragically makes it all the more harder. I first heard the song last week (while at work) and bizarrely while my mind was darting about from thought to thought, revisiting the news about Kristie’s demise but mainly wallowing in guilt for not being able to fly over to the US to pay my respects. Listening to the lyrics gave me comfort knowing that everything would be alright and that I should find peace knowing that she would have her family and friends around.

The memorial service was on earlier today (US time) and so I listened to the song again in memory of Kristie. In the short time I had gotten to know her, I realised how truly remarkable a person she was. Good-natured, kind, loyal, strong, determined, vivacious, and full of life. And if there was ever a person who’s been through so much in life, that was her and she never once let it show instead became the rock to many around her! I admired her in many ways but mostly for how she built her life up to achieve so much despite all the major knock backs she’s had. The world has lost a wonderful soul and I am so blessed to have known her! All I can say from this is that life is way too short. We may all acknowledge that too often without understanding it fully so don’t wait for a tragedy to hit close to home to understand what that really means. Our life here is short so let’s make it a good one! Love more, forgive more and be grateful! And finally, (which I painfully learnt) take more time out from our hectic lives for our families and friends! So anyway, this is for you Kristie! xx

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