Looking forward to a summer of madness!

photo 2I’m not sure about the rest of you but the summer months ahead of me is going to be bursting at its seams with numerous design projects, craft and design events, social gatherings and weekend getaways! From a rather mellow (albeit busy) start to the year this summer will be the busiest and most eventful! And I cannot wait to fully embrace it…..starting with our first big trip abroad. I’ll be jetting off tonight for 10 days in (a very!) sunny Dubai catching up on some much deserved R&R and once we’re back on UK soil we’ll be straight into crazy work mode!

So what’s coming my way? Aside from my full-time PhD work schedule, I’ll be busy working on some exciting design projects on the side. This will include a Branding and Packaging  job for friends of ours in the food industry, a retail fit-out, bespoke stationery and decor for a wedding next year and a styled wedding shoot in July, and of course, a few personalised baby gifts to be made!! And on the blog there will be a few exciting giveaways and more features on designers and crafters who I find inspirational, along with my news and updates of all the happenings that take place! I’ve also been in the process of looking to run some craft workshops locally so that should be finalised once I’m back. And along with all these, there will be a few social affairs; some with girls I met within the creative industry and others with friends and family. There are a few special milestones and occasions coming up  too and as a result….a weekend getaway trip to Paris at the end of August! So yea, bring it on! It’s going to be pretty manic and I’m sure i’l have moments when I feel so overwhelmed by all the things I’ll have on my plate but it’s what I LOVE and do the best at so that is enough to keep me going! And what better way to start the craziness after a good week’s break away! We’ve told ourselves that it’ll be a work-free holiday where we do sod all but relax……something tells me that may not last too long with us busy-bodies! :P

Well then, that’s what I have to look forward to…….have you anything exciting coming up this summer? If so, I’d love to hear all about it! Especially if there are any events coming up that I may have missed out on. Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic summer ahead (even if our weather decides otherwise!). I’m most likely to keep my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updated whilst i’m away but if i’m quiet, you’ll know why! ;) Have a good one folks and i’ll see you when I’m back! xx

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