Brooch beautiful!

For those who don’t know me as well, I have a huge love for brooches (well, any form of jewellery really!) which is probably on par with my love for shoes and bags! Anyway, in this case, these are regarded more like collectibles; some presented as gifts, others are heirlooms, vintage finds or bought from designer-makers who I’ve come across over the recent years. As you can see below, it’s quite an eclectic mix (and these are just a selected few from my growing collection!) that I’d sport depending on my mood or the type of occasion. I think if my paternal grandmother was around to see this, she’d be quite pleased to know I take after her! :) She loved brooches and I guess that’s probably where I’ve got it from! I must try and dig some more up as there are some lovely vintage ones that are worth sharing!BROOCHES_1-WEBBROOCHES_2-WEBThis is one of the most cherished brooches which my husband bought from me before we got married and I wore it as my something ‘old’ for our wedding. And coincidentally it went beautifully with my Indian outfit! This is a 1960s brooch which he bought from Rhinestones Jewellers in Dublin – now here’s one store I could totally lose myself for hours!!

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