[Special Birthday Giveaway]: Candice Wren Pashmina!

candice-wren_MAIN-IMAGEoooooookay….so with this week being my birthday week and seeing as the celebrations have already kicked off since the weekend I’ve decided to feature a ‘special giveaway’ to officially mark the BIG 3.0.! I had initially planned on featuring this until the end of summer but then figured that it was only right I posted it this week so that it wasn’t just me receiving all the fabulous presents!! :D

So, I’ve collaborated with the talented designer-maker Candice Wren to ‘giveawayONE of her stunning Cashmere and Silk pashminas that have been designed and hand-printed by the talented lady herself! I’m a big fan of BOLD design statements and think these do exactly that! What I love about Candice’s designs is how  feminine, fun, eclectic and distinctive they are. The pashminas are made from cashmere and silk which are all carefully sourced from Turkey from the same local shop she first discovered the shawls from! Her techniques largely entail hand-pulled silk screen-printing methods and the use of delicate detailing using vintage fabric appliques and silver or gold trans foil – as you can see in the pashminas featured here. If you haven’t already come across here stunning collection then you’ll find them  in boutiques in London, Ireland and Dubai! candice-wren_pashmina_blog-4_webSo what do we have featured here for the Giveaway? The Black pashmina, from the Valentines range, bears little hearts across both ends where these are embellished with silver and gold trans foil to give it that extra sparkle. This exquisite detailing is also found on the White and Green Pashminas you see here. The white Pashmina has a far more delicate feel with the way the white and silver butterflies are subtly printed across. The Green Pashmina on the other hand ,is the polar opposite and sure makes one hell of a statement; The Gothic skull combined with the delicate butterflies creates the perfect balance of grunge and girly! And lastly, we have the Pink ‘Oh La La Darling‘ Pashmina, which combines vintage fabric appliqués and screen-printed illustrations of  perfume bottles giving it a beautiful and exotic look. I think all four would be absolutely perfect for both day time wear and evening wear; whether you team it up with skinny jeans and a top or across a lovely evening dress! While I think they’re ALL fabulous, I must say the Green and the Pink pashminas are my all-time favourites!! ;)DSC_4487_webcandice-wren_pashmina_BLOG3_webhow-to-enter-banner

Soooooo then, if you fancy getting your hands on one these fabulous pashminas (worth £25!) all you need to do to enter is follow these THREE simple instructions:

  1. Pop over to Candice’s website, Esty shop or her Facebook Page and have a nosey through her extensive range of Pashminas she has on offer.
  2. Come back to this blog post and tell me what it is you like about her pashminas in the COMMENTS section and then tell me which ONE design you’d like from the four colours showcased here on this post (i.e. black, white, green or pink)
  3. Last and not least – Share this Giveaway post to your friends and family on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. You must notify me of this (i.e. where you’ve shared it) in the comment section too!

**Fancy a Bonus entry? Then pop over to her Facebook Page or Twitter and follow/like her (if you haven’t already) and remember to state in the comments below that you’ve done so!**

In order to fully qualify, you must all ensure you leave a comment back on this Blogpost notifying me of the above three points – so please do keep that in mind! :)

This competition is open internationally and will close on Wednesday the 14th where I will then pick a winner at random.

The lucky person will be announced on Friday the 16th.

Good luck folks!!!!  :) xxx

Image credits: © Made by Molu

15 thoughts on “[Special Birthday Giveaway]: Candice Wren Pashmina!

  1. Hello! I have been over to see Candice’s designs and they are all beautiful, especially the chinese twig designs, from the designs on offer I would have to go for the green skull design. I have shared the giveaway on my page The Smallest Sheep. I have also liked Candice’s facebook page! xx

  2. I love all of the pashminis featured here however if i have to pick one it would definately be the pink one because it is young, fun and unique! would look incredibly with a summer blue dress dress or even with jeans on a night out!

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  4. Hey!
    Gorgeous Pashmina’s and love the designs. I love Day of the Dead Skulls (Mexican Skulls) and I think the green skull scarf looks exactly like that, very decorative, like horror and beauty all in one! So that’s me fav!
    O and I’ve given her page an auld like too :)

  5. These pashminas are like nothing I’ve ever seen before! So unique! I’ve been over to Candice’s Facebook page, very talented lady! Great idea for a personalised gift which is always a struggle to find! You should be 30 more often Souyma!;) I think my favourite is the black one! Anyway I’ve shared the link on Twitter and thanks for introducing Candice’s work!

  6. I love Candice’s Pashmina’s and have done for a long time. She made me one for my mum for my wedding and the quality is incredible!
    I love the pink pashmina (pink is my favourite colour) and with the colours in the bottles it would go with so many outfits! It is simply stunning, but then her work is!

  7. Love Candice’s pashminas as they are so unique, I haven’t seen anything like them anywhere else. They are real statement pieces adding a bit of glam to your outfit! I love the green skull design, edgy and pretty at the same time, lovely!

  8. Thanks for the reminder, I had almost forgotten!! I have shared it on facebook :) Love the pashminas, specially the skulls and butterfly ones!! In your collection, I loooove the white one!!! :) I am sharing it on my twitter too (when I’m back home – out now)!!

  9. Hey S! What a fab idea, and browsing her website has cheered me right up (and made me want to go crazy with the credit card :) ) My mother ends up ‘borrowing’ my scarves and pashminas so I would choose the green one as its her favourite colour, plus its beautiful. its now on my facebook page, and I gave her page a like too :)

  10. Love these my fab has got I be the pink I love bold bright colours. Ne’er had a pashmina before before feel I neeeeeeed one lol. Might have to invest in one too ha. Soumya you feature some gorgeous stuff x

  11. Hi S, I think I’ve missed the competition deadline! I had a technical issue last night but I thought I’d still try my luck. It’s actually the first time I’ve come across Candice’s Pashmina’s and I have to say, the designs and colours are great! I hope I can add one of these to my collection, especially the bold red one :) I’ll share on my fb later today.

  12. Love these so fashionable trendy and gorgeous would jazz up any outfit day or night. My fav is the pink one as I love bright colours but they are all lovely

  13. Thank you all for entering!! In case you have missed the announcement post, the winner of this giveaway is MAEVE!! Congratulations once again! And for the rest of you….there’s more goodies to be won oer the next few months so do keep an eye out! xx

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