“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”

This is the last post on our 1st wedding anniversary gifts series and although we do not consider or claim to be creative writers such as William Wandsworth, I think I can safely say that we have still managed to put the “breathings of our hearts”  on to paper through illustrative methods! ;)

First up is the present I received from the hubby; a beautiful large geometric screen print, titled ‘BLUE TRIANGLE,‘ by UK Artist and Printmaker Emma Lawrenson. I was totally blown away and overwhelmed by this present for a number of reasons; firstly, for the sheer beauty of the work with its crisp lines, simple geometry and soft calming hues; secondly, knowing that he had clearly spent quite a bit on me by opting for this original and special edition piece… and lastly, for picking this print as it was seen on the set of Mad Men Season 6 in Peggy Olson’s Office!! You’re probably wondering why the latter is such a big deal but sooooo much thought and attention went behind this piece of art; knowing how much I love geometry, clean lines, colour, bold statements, a touch of retro, handmade, screen-printing, simplicity yet elegance and on top of all that the added bonus of having something that reminded us of the Mad Men marathon sessions we had, curled up on the sofa in the evenings, when we first moved to London last year! (It’s one of our favourite TV shows!) It really was perfect; not only summed me up down to a tee but it had a lovely touch of nostalgia too! How he manage to source that still baffles me…….so yeah, he did well right? ;) BLOG_STRIP_1st-anniversary-presents2-WEBThis next piece below is the one I presented to my husband. I know I had made a little something myself (see my earlier post here) but while that represented the ‘handmade’ and ‘inspirational’  elements this second piece was more about ‘memory’ and ‘sentiment’. So I got him a large graphic print by UK artist Nick Prints labelled ‘LONDON CALLING‘ where I too went for the touch of nostalgia by picking something that represented the city we moved to, to start our married life. What I love about this print is level of detail that went into it by placing all those iconic logos, symbols and illustrations in a perfect circle and representing the vibrant big city that is London! You can easily lose yourself going through the illustrations trying to identify the places and things you’ve explored! And, as I’ve mentioned before, the hubby is really big into his graphics and illustrations (and collecting art in general) so I’m pleased to say, that it was received well for both the sentimental value as well as the aesthetic! ;)
BLOG_STRIP_1st-anniversary-presents-WEBBoth these pieces need to be framed properly – what you see here are just temporary measures to get some images up on on the blog. We’re hoping to do a floating mount for the ‘Blue Triangle’ piece and the ‘London Calling’ piece nicely mounted. Anyway, I just wanted to share these as I thought both artists and their works were definitely worth mentioning. So, what do you reckon – have we done well for our 1st wedding anniversary presents? :) xx

(Image Credit: Made by Molu)

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