[What’s On]: The Crafty Fox Talks on ‘How to do your own PR’

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend Crafty Fox Market’s second series of Talks held at the Collective Hub in Camden that brought together a great panel of speakers; journalist Perri Lewis, Designer-Maker Zeena Shah, Creative Director Miss Cakehead along with Katherine Raderecht of Mollie Makes and The Simple Things to share their insight on how to go about promoting yourself and your business effectively. Perri dealt with the ‘dos + don’ts’ on how to approach journalists and bloggers, while Zeena gave tips from her own experience on how essential it is to network, being friendly and saying “yes” to creative proposals (however challenging it may be!) and Miss Cakehead encouraged folk (using her own Avante Garde portfolio of PR work) that being bold and brave i.e. using your creative imagination, to make you and your work stand out from the crowd! All in all, it was such an amazing evening that left me feeling really inspired (I took down plenty of notes and even recorded it for reference!) and even had the opportunity to meet and network with other creative individuals. I cannot wait for the next set of talks, so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled on the Crafty Fox Market website (or alternatively sign up to their mailing list!). Unfortunately, I’ve only a few photos taken from that night as I was far too busy taking down notes and networking!! I do know that Michelle and Tim were doing the official photography and videos so it may crop up soon enough so keep your eyes peeled!CRAFTFOX-TALKS_1_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_2_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_3_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_4_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_5_WEB CRAFTFOX-TALKS_6_WEBAnd I’m totally pleased with the contents of my Goody Bag (above)! Thank you Crafty Fox Market for hosting a fantastic inspiring event and I look forward your next one already! :)

[Image credit: Made by Molu]

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