[Paris, Je t’aime]: Where to eat?

PARIS-JE-TAIME_MbM-2-webMon Dieu! We’ve 10 days to go till our weekend getaway trip to Pariiiis!! We have both been so busy with our day jobs and freelance work that we can’t quite believe how quickly the days and weeks have gone past! Which means we can’t wait even more for this long-awaited trip away together (our first this year!). I’ve noticed that I’m probably not the only ‘blogger’ who been or about to embark up on a trip to the magical City of Love, so I would be humongously grateful if I could get some ‘insider’s insight’ on where’s best to go to for food. We’re big foodies and as I mentioned in my last ‘Paris, Je t’aime‘ post we’d like to try and stay clear from the really mainstream and touristy areas – I know that is going to be somewhat difficult as it is still peak time for tourists (and it is Paris!) but nevertheless, we would LOVE to hear what recommendations you have for us. We will be staying in the Le Marais district with views to exploring as much of Paris by foot (or bikes) just so that we get to see more things. So, farmers markets, picnics, quaint little cafés, boulangeries, patisseries, creperies, bistros, restaurants and bars that are typically Parisienne and real hidden gems is what we’re looking for. Oh and one last thing…..we’d LOVE it if you could also suggest ONE really good restaurant for our celebratory dinner – I know, I still haven’t made any reservations as i’m a little overwhelmed by the choices out there (I have scoured the internet and travel guides high and low) which is why I really would prefer some first-hand tips or advice. Now, for this, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go all out and break the bank but something truly spectacular and unique cuisine traditionnelle that totally tops the ‘experiential’ side of eating out in Paris! This is our first trip together and our second since our teens so anything you have (from inexpensive to moderate to gourmet) I’m all ears!! Just leave me a comment below! :)

Merci beaucoup!!! xx

PS. Oh here’s a little list of places to explore that I hat scribbled down while rummaging online for ideas. Have you been to any of these? Would you recommend them?


5 thoughts on “[Paris, Je t’aime]: Where to eat?

  1. Rue du bac has a few shopping gems foodie, paper and home including serendipity.fr and Magna Carta, the Conrad shop is there nearby, and a cute whimsical cafe called something like Monday to Sunday. Also le petit atelier de Paris which is always closed when I go but worth a try, open hours on their website. Bonne chance x

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