[Weekend Encounters -1]: Pop-up Vintage at Alexandra Palace

I had my first day off over the weekend yesterday, so decided to check out a few events in the afternoon; the first being the Pop Up Vintage Fairs London held at Alexandra Palace (aka ‘Ally Pally’) who had their own vintage section within the Great Hall along with 400 other antique and collectors stalls. I’ve never ventured out this far North of London and my goodness was I stunned at the views over the city from Alexandra Park – definitely heading back there again, perhaps in better weather, which sadly did turn into a wet and windy ol’ day yesterday. So I was even more so delighted to be carrying out my ‘bargain hunt’ indoors and sheltered from the elements! And gosh what a world inside too! I couldn’t quite get over the beautiful detailing of the building nor the number of stall holders within! It really was an antiques and vintage Aladdin’s Cave! Well, here’s a glimpse into our day (I sincerely apologise for the iPhone photos again but it was a lot more convenient to use while rummaging for treasures!) and some images of my purchases! BLOG_STRIP_Pop-Up-Vintage-AllyPally_WEB

BLOG_STRIP_Pop-Up-Vintage-AllyPally_WEB2If money wasn’t an option, I think I could have easily bagged a few more vintage goodies and some antiques (there were some beautiful collections of Victorian Silverware and crockery!) but I was well-behaved and came home with just a 1950s black day-wear clutch bag and a vintage silk Jaeger scarf – both in brilliant condition and for an absolute bargain! The later it got in the afternoon, the easier it got to haggle! :D That would be my biggest tip for you, although I do agree, there is the risk of missing out on good stuff but at a place as big as this, you’ll do just fine!BLOG_STRIP_Pop-Up-Vintage-AllyPally_WEB3Oh I even had the pleasure of meeting Daisy of Make Thrift London too during our coffee break, who went back for more, so I’m now dying to see what she’s got! That lady is the queen of vintage-treasure rummaging! :) All in all, it was a good start to a Sunday! :)

[Image credit:  © Made by Molu]

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