[Weekend Encounters – 2] The Thames Festival 2013

The next stop on Sunday afternoon was We Make London’s market stalls for the Thames Festival at More London. I missed the chance of going last weekend due to work, where they were based at Bernie Spain Gardens, beside the Oxo Tower. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, late that afternoon (around 5pm), the weather took an even bigger turn for the worse which dampened (no pun intended!) the festival spirit a bit but despite that the ladies (and fellas) on the stalls still managed to put on their biggest smiles for their customers braving the rain…..including me! :) So the highlight of the evening for me was chance to catch up with a few familiar faces again; Sabine of (S-Gerth Designs), Viktorija (of And Smile), Elizabeth (of Lizzes Beautiful Art) and Sandra and Sophie (of Clementine and Bloom). Oh and the magpie in me quickly spotted a lovely swallow necklace and a heart collar brooch on the stall next to Viktorija’s which got me chatting to its designer, Aarti of Fairytales and Hidden Notes (how amazing is that name??) so we’ve swapped details so I could enquire further about her products and keep up to date on more of her work. Well, I’ve definitely come away from the fair with some gift ideas for Christmas and to add to my personal ‘wish list’ too! ;) xxBLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 2These clever leather key holders by S-Gerth Designs caught my eye. Beautifully designed to that make sure you’re keys are always in the one place! The red one is my personal favourite! :)
BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 4She’s done it again! How adorable is the And Smile stall display!! If you want to follow more of Viktorija’s awesome creativity then follow her on IG!! ;)

BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB 3The lovely jewellery and trinkets by Fairytales and Hidden Notes. Can you spot the swallow necklace and the heart collars I like? :)
BLOG_STRIP_Thames-Festival_WEB3 Another awesome stall display – this mother and daughter team sure know a thing or two on styling….not to mention re-wiring old vintage lamps! I love the textured base of this 1960s/70s lamp which they’ve given a new lease of life by teaming it up with their gorgeous screen-printed butterfly lampshade!! I am definitely keeping an eye on this! :)

[Image credit:  © Made by Molu]

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