November; a month to be grateful

Month-of-November_2013I can’t believe how quickly the months have flown by this year! While it has been incredibly hectic with its highs and lows, I am grateful for the good times too. In fact, this month brings back so many wonderful and cherished memories of my family particularly those of my grandmother, who we lost this day last year, few months after our wedding. Life brings so many unexpected things – good and bad – so it’s important to step back from the chaos now and then, and just appreciate the smaller, yet more significant, things in life. For me, it will be family. I cannot express enough how extremely blessed I am for such amazing family – both my own and my husband’s. Life is too short, so this month I will remind myself to value it a bit more. 

Anyway, I’m not here to dampen your spirits this month but with festivities like Diwali and Thanksgiving round the corner….not to mention, moving closer to Christmas too…..I can’t help but muse over some warm and happy memories. So here’s wishing you and all your dear ones a lovely, fun and memorable November!  Much love xx

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