[D.I.Y. Birthdays] Respect the ‘Tache!

BLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_Main_WEBIt was my Dad’s 60th birthday last month and having my family over in London for a couple of weeks gave us a great opportunity to throw a little something to celebrate this special milestone and make the most out of the time we had here together. For those who don’t know him, my Dad is quite the reserved type and not one for being the center of attention. So, we wanted to do something special for my Dad; fuss over him for a change seeing as he’s normally the one to take the backseat or put everyone else before himself. It was also the perfect chance to say ‘thank you’ for everything he’s done thus far, particularly with our wedding last year. With that in mind, we threw a ‘surprise’ birthday dinner for Dad, albeit an intimate affair with just our close family there. The dinner was held at The Gun (a lovely “Oh so British” riverside Gastropub in the docklands – if you haven’t been yet….go!) and seeing as my Dad is known for his moustache (which he’s been sporting since his 20s!), having a ‘tache-themed party was a complete no brainer! :D Time was of the essence, especially as I knew a lot of the work had to be done in secret which made it even more challenging! So I set out to create simple and subtle hints of ‘moutaches’ for the dinner, through the favours, photo props, menus and making up a goody bag for the birthday boy!

For the favours, my initial plan was to make moustache-shaped chocolate pops for all our guests but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on the silicon moulds in time so opted to make sweet bags which I was rather pleased at how they turned out! The red and white striped sweet bags perfectly resembled the old-fashioned barber shop colours that tied in nicely with the moustache motifs on the labels I made. These labels were made using a rubber stamp that I had carved out of Lino and then hand-stamped the ‘Taches onto each individual label which were then stuck on the back to seal the bag. I then added a small ‘thank you’ note onto the front, using small white gift tags and securing them with miniature wooden pegs.

BLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_WEB-1Next up were the moustache ‘photo props’, I wanted all our guests to have that evening to add that extra bit of fun-factor to the dinner. I picked out four different moustache styles (ones I felt represented my dad’s throughout his lifetime…slightly exaggerated of course!) and cut out 15-18 in total which I later affixed onto wooden BBQ skewers and left to dry overnight. On the night of the dinner party, these were placed on each table setting along with the favours and the personalised menu. BLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_WEB-2

And finally, I put together a little goody bag for the birthday boy which of course, followed the theme and was filled to the brim with mouctache-themed novelty items. Seeing as most of gifts here were bought from shops, I wanted to add something that was handmade by myself and so decided to create a mug that sported a ‘tache motif on each sides. As you can see in the photos below, I traced out the ‘tache I wanted, using a graphite pencil – this is done on the reverse side of the tracing paper too in order to be able to transfer the design onto the porcelain mug. Using a black Sharpie pen (a permanent ink marker but you can us any kind if you don’t have ceramic ones) I carefully went over the outline and then filled it out evenly. Once finished, I popped it into the oven (do NOT preheat!) and left it to ‘set’ for 30 mins at 175 degrees (350 degrees in fahrenheit / gas mark 4). Et Voila – my first sharpie DIY mug for dad! So much fun!! I can totally see myself doing more of these projects for other occassions…..or perhaps to decorate the ones we have at home! :DBLOG_STRIP--Dads-60th-Stache_WEB-3 And below, you can see some of the other moutache-themed bits and bobs I bought to add to the goody bag.


Well, for someone that doesn’t normally enjoy being under the limelight….it totally made our weekend seeing Dad have such a blast that night and finally soak up all the attention he deserved! ;) These are precious moments to be cherished and I’m sincerely grateful for that! I hope to add some photos taken on the night at a later date (massive thanks to Rory for those!) but for now, I thought I’d share these simple DIY projects with you. Let me know what you think xx

6 thoughts on “[D.I.Y. Birthdays] Respect the ‘Tache!

    • aww you’re very kind! I’m not sure about ‘clever’ but I did have a lot of fun despite having to keep it all undercover which was the biggest nightmare! :D Thanks for the lovely comments though! :)) x

  1. With life being pretty mental at the minute, like you’re own I’m sure, I am only getting a chance to catch up on Made by Molu’s adventures today and woowweeee I am loving this post. So creative and the thought put into it is amazing. Well done Soumya I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a belated Happy Birthday to pops xoxox

    • Hey Evo!! :)

      Sorry for the reply (currently buried under books as well as MbM stuff). Thanks ever soooooo much for the lovely comment. Seriously – thank you! You totally brightened up my somewhat crappy week and it’s always nice to hear what my readers/followers have to say :)

      Btw – when am I going to get the chance to feature you lady??? I’m dying blog about your amazing work! So let me know when you’re ready as I’m looking for ‘designers’ for the new year! :) Was thinking the other day that I probably should’ve done a little piece on the ones you made for the lovely ladies at our wedding! Ties it in nicely on a personal level. Still could do, if you fancy it?? Unless you have new work you’d like to showcase? Anyway, do think about it and we can chat about this over Christmas – sound like a plan?? xxxx

      Ps. Will pass on the wishes to Pops ;)

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