[D.I.Y. Christmas] wooden pegs: A quick and simple makeover

Here’s a super quick and easy way to jazz up your little wooden pegs. I pretty much did this during my lunchtime break which took me roughly 20-30 minutes. Not only does this save up on time but totally allows you to use up any scrap leftover pieces of craft paper or gift wrap you would probably end up chucking out. You may have seen others using Washi tape to decorate these pegs but seeing as the aren’t the cheapest of craft tapes out there, this is no doubt the most cost-efficient method and so very user-friendly!

What you’ll need:

  1. PVA/UHU Glue – anything
  2. Craft paper – a scrap bit of whatever paper you have kicking about is more than sufficient. I used this piece of left over gift wrap for 8 wooden pegs so you don’t need a lot.
  3. Mini wooden pegs – which you can get at any craft store or bought online.
  4. Twine – I used the ‘red and white’ baker’s twine for a more festive feel.
  5. Scalpel or Stanley Knife – or any craft knife to cut around the pegs

MbM_FESTIVE-CRAFTING_wooden-pegs-2MbM_FESTIVE-CRAFTING_wooden-pegs-1[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

Take a wooden peg and apply a thin layer of glue onto any ONE side of the peg (you can apply on both sides if both sides of the pegs are likely to be on view) and lay it face down onto the craft paper. Now, if like mine, your craft paper is patterned/textured on the one side then you want to place the gluey side of the peg onto the reverse, non-patterned/non-textured side of the craft paper. Leave it for 30-60secs (or until its dry enough to not move) before you carefully cut around the edges using a sharp Stanley knife or scalpel. Use a ruler for guidance should you need to. Then turn the peg around – et, voila! Just repeat the procedure with the rest of the wooden pegs…..and you have yourself some perfectly transformed wooden pegs to use for some festive decor. And by all means, go ahead and jazz them up further with buttons, beads, or other festive embellishments!

Some ideas on where and how to use your revamped wooden pegs:

  1. Photo Garland – use some twine (length to suit) to affix some lovely family photos onto it using your wooden pegs or even to hang up little gift parcels.
  2. Gift Tags – Write out the name of your recipient or a special message and fix it onto your present using the pegs (you can either peg it onto the ribbon that is already wrapped around your gift or glue it down directly onto the gift if ribbons aren’t used)
  3. Party favours and place settings – add a bit of sparkle or colour to turn those conventional favours or place settings into something more fun and exciting
  4. Fridge magnets – you can stick them onto magnets (easily available online) to make your fridge or white board a lot more festive!

……..let your creativity run with you! HAPPY FESTIVE CRAFTING!! xx

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