[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Making felt swirl brooches

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Jan_1-webWell folks, as my new years resolution, I’ve told myself that I would be extra organised with my blogposts on here and to do so I will be scheduling weekly and monthly posts in the hope that they are easier to accomplish even when things get a little too manic on the work/life front. After doing quite a bit of festive crafting last year, I think it prompted me to raise the game a bit and start getting more done….especially when it’s the one thing that keeps me sane! So, my first 2014 mission is to provide you with weekly DIY inspiration in the form of tutorials and it will take place every Wednesdays as a kind of ‘mid-week refresher’ so that it gives us all the spur of creativity we need! The intention is that all of the tutorials are my own but if I do have that odd week were for whatever reason I am unable to deliver, then I will see that I find you inspiration from other fellow crafters I admire. Sounds like a plan…..or is it more a challenge? Hmm ;)

Anyhoo, these felt brooches are super easy to make and I started making them after finding some leftover scraps of felt from when I made the Notebook Sleeve as a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. Rather than chucking them away, I decided they could be turned into something…..and the results were far better than expected where you end up with some pretty nifty (and professional looking) brooches! So, here’s what you will need:


  • Crafting felt – you can buy these from any craft stores and even online
  • Scissors / Stanley knife – to cut out the strips of felt
  • Glue – any good crafting glue that works on fabric or better yet, glue gun for extra strength!
  • Brooch pins – preferably with a flat backing bit to it so that it stays on more rigidly.



  1. Cut out 1cm width strips of felt from your chosen colours and then roll each strip tightly into these little swirls. You can dictate how big you want them from how much of the felt you use up. I made an assorted bunch of sizes so when it came to making the smaller ones, I just cut the strip to my desired length. This can be done prior to rolling or while rolling. to secure the end of the strip, use any good craft glue for fabric or glue gun. I used the latter which gives a much sturdier finish.
  2. Once you’ve made up all the swirls, roughly place them next to each other to configure your desired pattern, or just play it by ear as you are gluing them together. Again, use the glue to fasten it all together in place – just be sure to do this part neatly as you wouldn’t want any strands of glue visible on the ‘good side’ i.e. the side that will be exposed. To ensure that the back of the felt swirls is nice and flat, use the worktop as guidance but obviously make sure you don’t leave it there for it to get stuck to the surface! The glue gun would be perfect here as it helps reinforce the joints a lot better and dries a lot quicker as long as you apply a thin coat without burning yourself! Leave it to cool and set for a couple of mins.
  3. Once your felt swirls have cooled and set, place it on another scrap piece of felt, slightly bigger than your design and with the ‘good side’ facing up. This will become your backing piece onto which the brooch clip will be fastened to and it acts as another piece of reinforcement! Try to use a subtle colour for this piece or one that was predominately used in your swirls so that it blends in and discreet – you don’t want it to distract from the main swirly pieces. Now, to get the exact shape to fit your design, trace around the design with any kind of pen (one that wont leak into the material)
  4. Then cut out the backing piece and stick it onto the reverse side of your felt swirls using your glue. Press down onto it gently but firmly so that the it sits flush with the edges of the swirls. Again, try to be neat when doing this so that you keep the brooch from any unwanted signs of dried glue because felt does show this and it doesn’t look pretty! Once dry, take the brooch pin (with the flat backing to it) and add a dollop of glue onto it before fastening it firmly onto the back of the felt piece. Do check that you are happy with the pin alignment before you fix it to the back i.e. its the right way round so that when you wear your brooch it sits correctly.

Et Voila! You have you’re very own bespoke brooch ready to wear! It took me about 20-30mins to make this brooch up and really pleased with how well it turned out for such a simple method so there’s nothing stopping you making your own little version. And what I love about this technique is that the designs are endless….you can create headpieces, pendants, earrings, and any kind of embellishment really. So go dig out some felt and try this DIY project out! And if you give it a go, then I would LOVE to see what you come up with so please do post a photo of your final piece on my Facebook Page and tagging it with #craftingwithmolu  – that way I can have a nosey and perhaps even pick out a favourite for a little surprise treat? Now if that aint an incentive to get you crafting then I don’t know what is! ;)

Happy crafting folks!!! And do remember to share your images!!! x x

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Jan_7-web  [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

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