[Molu Mantra]

MbM_Quote-of-the-week_4I thought I’d share with you this inspirational quote by American poet, Robert Frost. To find the courage to take a different route from the rest of the world and to have faith that it leads you to something much more fruitful, is something very few can say they have achieved. Do you have that courage? Or have you ever stewed over or imagined what it would be like to have it? Well I shall let you muse over it but in the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful Friday and weekend too! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

2 thoughts on “[Molu Mantra]

  1. I love this poem, Soum. It was Kristie’s favourite and I read it at her memorial in June. She also used it in the intro to her PhD thesis. Miss you xXx

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