The Liebster Award


Thank you to Michelle of My Creative for nominating me for the Liebster Award last week. If like me you’ve never heard of it before then it’s like a chain mail thing that’s trending within the Blogsphere right now. I must admit, I did initially think “oooh a nomination for an award?” only to realise it wasn’t quite the Oscars or Baftas! ;) However, in all fairness, I am still rather excited by it and in the spirit of community building, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon to share in all the fun.

So what is it, you ask? The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers or anyone you think deserves recognition. The meaning of ‘Liebster‘ is German and means dearest, beloved, and welcome, which I thought was rather lovely! Once nominated, you answer all the questions and then enlist your 10 nominees….and you get the gist. I think it’s a fun way of getting to know your blogging community, sharing a little about yourselves and connect up with like-minded bloggers out there….and to be honest, I can’t quite remember when the last time I took part in something like this (probably when I was back in high school!) so without further adieu, here are my answers to Michelle’s questions:

  1. Click your fingers and where would you like to be right now? Anywhere warm, please! I’m seriously missing the sun and its warmth especially with the miserable weather we’ve had here lately. As a child, I grew up around beaches so I must admit, I do have withdrawal symptoms from the lack of sand, sun, clear blue skies and waters……..and boy I’m definitely going through that now! (wish it would stop raining here!!! argh!)
  2. What has been your biggest adventure? I never did the gap year in my teens or went off backpacking around the world in my 20s so I guess I would say that moving to the UK shortly after turning 18 to attend university and then stay on for the next 12 years is probably the biggest adventure of them all. Having to leave the security of your home, your family and friends, and start out some place completely new (a million, gazillion miles away to a much colder climate to where I came from) at that age is probably something I still to this very day don’t quite realise how big that was. It’s been amazing though; all the experiences have moulded me into becoming who I am and I have settled in well enough to call this country ‘home’ (albeit my second, or third home!) ;)
  3. What is your favourite thing that you have cooked recently? In all honestly and much to my disappointment, I haven’t been too adventurous this year on the cooking front but I did cook a surprisingly awesome chicken and red bean curry with very limited ingredients at home! I think my mum would be proud! :) So, yeah that’s definitely got me thinking about doing more experimental and improvised recipes this year!
  4. If you could skip the learning and suddenly have a skill what would it be? Can I pick two? I’ve always wanted to play the violin and be AMAZING at it but seeing how much I struggled with reading music when I learnt the piano as a child that dream never quite materialised! And my second one would be photography – while I’m OK at it and have always expressed a keen interest in it, I wish I could just naturally be a pro and create the most beautiful images at every snap! I guess the latter is something I’m practising on but boy I wish it came much easier!
  5. Are you doing now what 18-year-old you thought you’d be doing? At 18, I enrolled to study architecture and thought I’d be a high-flying architect by now making my millions….but that’s far from the case! ;) Okay, it’s not all bad – architecture still is a part of me but little did I imagine I’d be going down the academia route or that I’d end up marrying a fellow architect or in fact be blogging and collaborating with creative individuals I met through it. So yea, as an 18-year-old, there are things that I never envisaged would happen now nor foreseen the changes that have taken place along the way but either way, it’s all been a fabulous learning curve which is what I find the most exciting!
  6. What do you think 80-year-old you would like to see you do before you get there? To explore the world and enjoy/appreciate life more. I have always stuck by the books and been so career driven but then you get to an age where you realise there’s much more to life than that. So I’d like to see myself actually living my mantra of ‘living life to the fullest‘ more where every day feels rewarding. I do not want to get complacent with the norm but at the same time not lose sight of what’s important too. So yeah, definitely travel more, do more charitable/voluntary work, build our house, set up a design studio, raise a family and enjoy the smaller things in life. 
  7. Finish the sentence: When I find myself smiling while walking down the street it is usually because … something’s reminded me of my family or friends, my childhood or something I’ve shared with my hubby (I can easily get all nostalgic) Oh and kids make me smile too – their innocence and carefree attitude totally brightens up any kind of horrible day I have and quickly puts things into perspective.
  8. What is your favourite ritual – daily, weekly, monthly or annually? Hmm, I’m not overly ritualistic but I guess my favourite daily ritual is getting up early to start my day with a coffee and 30-45mins of quiet ‘me time’ before I begin my work. I find that if I jump straight into work, my day seems a lot more intense and I come out of it all frazzled! And my weekly ritual would be going on ‘date nights’ with my husband usually to the cinema or grabbing a bite to eat somewhere – nothing fancy but keeping it very old school! Oh and exploring parts of London over the weekends be it with the hubby or friends – it started off as a weekly thing but be more a monthly thing now :)

Okay, I don’t care much for how many followers my nominees have as I’m sure they have tons, so I have picked them based on how funny, interesting, creative and/or inspiring I find them and thus the need to subject them to this misery (just kidding!) :D If you haven’t as yet discovered my nominees, here they are: Viktorija of Viktorija’s Illustrations, Sophie of The Private Life of A Girl, Zoe of Conversation Pieces, Peg of Peg London, Nicole of A Life Less Beige and Ché of Indie Berries – you have been nominated! :)

And here are my totally random 10 questions for you:

1. Why do you blog?
2. If you could be anything in this world, what would you be?
3. What would be your biggest pet-peeve?
4. Are there any ridiculously ‘bold and adventurous’ things you’ve yet to do or try?
5. What book or film could you read/watch over and over again?
6. What would you put in your time capsule for people in the future to find and why?
7. White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?
8. If you were to compile a mix-tape/CD for a road trip, what music would I find on it?
9. What would be the most embarrassing moment in your life? :D
10. What is the best piece of advice found/given to you?

Oh and here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate other bloggers for the award that have fewer than 200 followers.
4. Create 10 questions (or less) for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Thanks again Michelle for nominating me. This has been refreshingly fun so I look forward to reading all the answers my nominees have! :) Oh and I have more random stuff about me if you want to check here.

Enjoy! xx

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