[D.I.Y. Valentine’s Special] Embroidery Hoop Love Heart


Okay, so our second Valentine’s Day Special DIY project is this quick and easy wall hanging made out of embroidery hoops, scrap fabric materials and felt! I’ve seen these around for a while (so I can’t take any credit for it) and had actually wanted to make an installation of these hoops using scraps of colourful silk Sari material but much to my biggest disappointment I ran out of time and the logistics of making them all in one city and then assembling it in another was a bit more challenging that anticipated. A real shame really as it was going to be the backdrop for the guest book/photo area and it really would have been something else! *sigh* Ah well…..someday I shall get the chance to do it!

Anyway, here’s a small one I made for this tutorial which I thought would be absolutely adorable for Valentine’s Day – whether its a gift, or part of a wall hanging installation, this is the most cost-efficient and visually effective project you could do. Again, just a few simple materials and a bit crafty enthusiasm you can make something rather special. This literally took me 30 mins! So what’s your excuse eh? ;)


  1. Small Embroidery Hoop (you can get this at any craft store, haberdashery or online)
  2. thread and needle
  3. scissors
  4. pencil
  5. Fabric scraps
  6. Crafting felt



  1. Cut out a heart template out of card or paper (or use anything you already have about in the house like a cookie cutter etc) and make sure it fits the size of your embroidery hoop. The size of hoop I used was a 6.5″(16cm) in diameter.
  2. I used the fold-over paper method to create a template. This way, you can still free hand draw your heart but with the guarantee that it’ll be symmetrical. This is up to you of course. If you do go for it, simply fold a piece of paper in half and then draw half of the heart onto the folded edge of your paper (as you can see in the images)
  3. Use the template to trace the heart onto your felt fabric. I kept it traditional and opted for a red felt heart.
  4. Carefully cut around the outline so that you’re left with a perfect little felt heart.MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Embroidery-Hoop-VD_1-Web
  5. Now pick a scrap of fabric you’d like to use as your background piece onto which the felt heart will be adhered to. I had lots of 20x20cm bits of floral fabric so used one of them for this project that would compliment the felt heart. YOu can temporarily tack the heart to the centre of the fabric piece before placing it in the hoop.
  6. Place the fabric over the inner part of the hoop (if you’ve never used these before then note that there are two rings; an inner and outer one which you can separate by loosening the little screw). Make sure it is centred with the hoop – use the felt heart as your guidance. And once you’re happy with the positioning, place the outer ring over it and screw tightly into place. You’ll see that the fabric will stretch out nicely when doing so. And now start stitching around your felt heart, again you are free to pick what style of stitching you want to use but a simple running stitch does the job fine! Just a little FYI – make sure the screw part of the hoop is on the top and in line with the top of your heart (you’ll see why in the last couple of points)
  7. Trim any excess material around the hoop so that it isn’t visible when you turn it the right way round. Now you can choose to stick these edges down onto the edges of the hoop or alternatively, if you cut close to the edges enough that would more than suffice.
  8. Turn the hoop around to check if the edges are all tidy,
  9. Then take some ribbon, twine or coloured cord and tie it around the screw fixture. And there you have it. You’re very own little wall hanging fro Valentine’s Day (or any other lovey dovey day!)

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Embroidery-Hoop-VD_2-webNow obviously you can take it to a much different level by adding embellishments or personalising it but by showing you how its done with just the bare minimum materials is so that you can see how easy this is to make and how far basic materials can go to come up with something unique. What I love about this is that you can use all kinds of fabric materials – that’s the beauty of this project. So if you have lace, vintage florals or any kind of left over fabric and trimmings at home…..you know where to use them! Just have fun!! And if you need inspiration, go on Pinterest! ;)

Happy crafting lovelies! xxx

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Love-Hearts-VD_4-Web  [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

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