[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Ridiculously easy 5-min Ribbon Necklace!

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Quick-Ribbon-Necklace-MAIN Well folks, another week gone by and I must say I’m pleased to see the skies looking a lot brighter in the last two days! After all that rain you’d wonder if it could actually rain any more!? Probably could but hey, let’s hope not!! Anyway, this week’s DIY tutorial is a bit of a quick one; more of a make, mend, do tip than actually getting all crafty. That being said, it’s a great thing to know because the possibilities are endless.

So, I’m going to share with you how to make you’re little statement necklace with ribbons and any kind of looooong beaded necklace you already have in your collection that probably haven’t worn in a while. These ribbon necklaces are trending right now so it’s great to know that you can simply give an old long necklace a new lease of life. Here’s what you do (it’s SUPER EASY)

  1. You need a very long beaded necklace (one that you can double or triple up length) and some plain coloured ribbon. Depending on the colour of your beads, chose a ribbon that would work well.
  2. Double up your beaded necklace (or triple it if it’s even longer) and lay it flat on your work top, as seen in the photo. Get some ribbon long enough for you to have it comfortably tie around your neck. Feel free to measure this against you otherwise roughly cut 60-70cm in length from the reel.
  3. Now cut this length of ribbon into half so you’re left with two sets of 30-35cm pieces of ribbon.
  4. Tie each ribbon at the ends of the doubled necklace in a tight and tidy little knot. Make sure they are precisely at each ends of the necklace if you want it to sit/fall nicely around your neck.

MbM_DIY-Tutorial_Quick-Ribbon-Necklace-1WEBAnd hey presto you have yourself a statement ribbon necklace using. The great thing I love about this is that you can always remove the ribbons should you wish to wear the necklace in it’s former state. It’s versatile and you easily can keep up with the trends with this simple ‘upcycling’ method! This necklace featured in this post has been worn like ten times already – I absolutely love it! :) I’m totally going to play around with some old, ridiculously long, pearl necklaces I have and perhaps even combine it with beaded necklaces to create a seriously CHUNKY statement necklace. I’ll keep you posted when I do! In the meantime, I hope this is been of some help to you! Sorry it’s a short one this week but I’ve been rather swamped with several projects (a DIY wedding tutorial for a wedding blog, a wedding styled shoot and some logo design work) which has left me with no choice but to keep my head down this week. I’ll be back with something much bigger and creative next week, I promise! Enjoy folks xxMbM_DIY-Tutorial_Quick-Ribbon-Necklace-2WEB [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

One thought on “[D.I.Y. Tutorial] Ridiculously easy 5-min Ribbon Necklace!

  1. Smartest idea ever! I have one of these necklaces from a trip to Germany and I always get compliments on it. What a great way to wear it another way. Thank you.

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