{20.03.2014} Welcoming springtime with floral crowns!

MbM_PrimeveraCrowns_MAR 20 aAfternoon folks! It’s officially the FIRST day of of Spring today!! I hope you’re out celebrating this beautiful season!!

Well, I’m not one for ‘selfies’ (or any photos of myself on here for that matter) unless they are VERY subtle glimpses (I’m quite a private person and you’ll soon notice I’m quite anonymous on here unless you actually know me personally) so this creative ‘springtime’ challenge conjured up by the Bethan of Decorator’s Notebook and Michelle of MY Creative Photography was totally out of my comfort zone but it may just be the thing I need to feel more comfortable with them. As an excuse to fully embrace springtime, the #primeveracrowns challenge is an interactive project that encourages bloggers to get involved by posting photos of themselves wearing a floral crown they made.

Of course, while I was uncomfortable with the idea of posting mugshots of myself, I was really keen on making the crown and joining in on the fun! :D Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time on my hands nor access to any pretty flowers or foliage so I did what I do best…..making stuff out of what’s kicking about at home. In this case, I made my crown out of crafting felt and ribbons! It’s amazing how limited resources actually spur you on to being more creative! :D   
MbM_PrimeveraCrowns_MAR 20 bWhat do you think?

I’m actually loving it….well the idea of wearing a floral crown that is, as I’d probably would never have had the courage to do so but guess what…..I’ve got it on as I write this!! :D This challenge may be good for me in many ways than one! ;) Well this took me just under 30 minutes and I’m thinking I’ll probably show you how its done in next week’s DIY Tutorial – would you like that?

Anyway, you guys all have time to participate as this goes on all day. All you have to do is make a floral crown,  take pictures of you wearing it and post it either on your blog or any other social media platform you’re on. Just remember to add the hashtag #primeveracrowns and tag @DecoratorsNotes and @MYCreative in your post. Bethan has some cool tutorials on her post if you need any help.

You can go stalk more on IG but here are a few links to other bloggers who participated and made some amazing crowns: Michelle, Bethan and Emily

Enjoy!!! xx

5 thoughts on “{20.03.2014} Welcoming springtime with floral crowns!

    • Aww thanks very much for the lovely comment and for nominating me! Sorry for the late reply – was out of town but I shall take a look at your questions soon. Thanks again! x

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