[Sneak Peek]: Wedding styled shoot

Late last month, just before I flew off to India for holidays, I got to co-style a wedding styled shoot with wedding planner Elisabetta of Linen & Silk Weddings. The best part about freelancing, is you get to work on all kinds of awesome projects and styled shoots are one of my all time favourites….so you could only imagine how delighted I was when Elisabetta asked me to jump on board to help with styling, décor and stationery! This is the second shoot I’ve helped style and once again, I’m incredibly fortunate to be working with some greats within the wedding industry! There’s a lot of hard graft that goes behind all these pretty shoots you see on blogs and in wedding magazines but boy, its worth every second of it…..especially, if like me you love all the DIY and hand-crafted elements that’s brought to the shoot. So, on that note, I thought I’d share a few teasers of what’s to come….mostly of the DIY stuff I did. I’m afraid I can’t reveal a lot at this stage so you’ll have to wait until the official photos are published. I for one, can’t wait to see all the stunning photos captured on the day by Fiona Kelly.


  [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

The more I get involved in design, styling and art direction, the more I want to get into that line of work. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a high I get out of all that hands-on work that goes behind it. I feel completely and utterly in my element…..and my gawd it feels so good! I’m definitely getting into the spirit of hand-lettering too which I hope to develop further. Anyway, here’s to many MANYmore of these amazing styled shoots and design projects! If you ever need a stylist, stationer, or DIY-er, you know where to find me! ;)

Enjoy lovelies! And I’ll definitely keep you posted when I can reveal more! xxx

5 thoughts on “[Sneak Peek]: Wedding styled shoot

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    • Hi Emilse – thank you so much for your lovely comment. And congratulations on your upcoming nuptials – not long to go too! :) So with regards to the hand-cut gold place names; you need to create a stencil of some kind….it can be hand-drawn or typed out on either Word or Photoshop (or similar) and you print the names onto A4 sheets (it’s handier) – this becomes your stencil or guide. The KEY thing to remember is to make sure your font/type are all joined up….this sounds pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how easily it can be forgotten! :)

      Place these a4 sheet (aka stencil/guide) over your choice of coloured card stock (affix with washi tape) and then carefully cut around the names using a sharp scalpel knife. Once done, you can remove the guide to reveal your cut-out names!

      It’s a painstaking task so bear in mind the time that will go into it….especially if you have a medium to large-sized wedding! I would personally recommend it for small, intimate wedding and events if you’re doing it all on your own. You could get friends and family to help…..or invest in folk who can mass produce them for you (if you have a sizeable budget)

      Hope that helps. I’m happy to do a tutorial on this in the coming week or so if that helps? Let me know. x

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