Hello May!


[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Good morning folks and hello May! I’m always taken by surprise how quickly time goes……we’re nearly halfway through 2014!! Go figure! But hey, we’re moving swiftly into summertime and that alone puts a huge smile on my face……and the TWO long weekends we have!!! Seriously, we need to start rooting for 3-day weekends…….so need it! :)

Well, despite the rainy start here in London…..I do hope this month brings plenty more fun, creativity and good cheer! April has been fabulous and I’m already looking forward to what May has to offer!! There’s Blogtacular coming up in two weeks (my first ever Bloggers conference! OMG!) and two big creative projects to work on…..so it’s already a busy month!

Anyway, I’m afraid I do have to return my cave and resume with my crazy workload….hence the lack of blogposts this week (including my DIY tutorial – sorry!!!) Unfortunately I just need to switch off to stay focused on a couple of deadlines! But I preomise you I will bring you lots more prettiness when I resurface!!

Have a happy month of May!! Xxx

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