[Book of the Month] Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour

MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_MainTwo weeks back, I had the opportunity to pop along to West Elm, London for interior blogger Will Taylor’s (aka Bright Bazaar) first book launch (see all the highlights here). I’ve followed Will for about 18 months and first met him at last year’s Blognic (albeit briefly) where I clearly remember being completely mesmerised over his jet-setting and colourful life that revolves around interiors, lifestyle and styling. The thought of flying to all these awesome cities around the world to photograph, style and write about beautiful homes and interiors would bring out the green-eyed monster in anymore…..well, me in particular! ;) And he’s still in his 20s having achieved sooooo much – it’s incredible really and such an inspiration to us all!

So, if you want to know how to add colour, funk and soul to your homes so that it reflects your individual personality, or simply looking for ideas on how to put it all together so tastefully and effortlessly (i.e. eliminating the dread of decorating!) then Will’s Make You Smile Style book is just the thing for you! It’s a beautiful guide to living with colour. To be honest, it’s the kind of book that should be found on everyone’s bedside or coffee tables……the photography in it is inspiring enough! Seeing all those beautiful homes makes me want to go out and source unique home ware, furniture and accessories! Trust me, I’ve been totally crushing over some 1950s/1960s Danish furniture again lately…….*swoon*

MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_1 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_2 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_3 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_4 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_5 MbM_Book_BrightBazaar_7Anyway, you can get hold of your copy here on Amazon or Waterstones……seriously, do not hesitate!! Will is currently touring in America for his big American book launch so keep your eyes peeled for his whereabouts if you want to see him and get a signed copy of the book!

Oh and I shall end with this lovely video of the man himself giving you an insight about what the book is all about. Can’t believe that was shot literally before the launch! Such a pro :)

And some photos I took at the book launch:

Have a bright and colourful long weekend folks! Go get “hooked on hue“….as Will would put it! x x

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