[Weekend Encouters] A trip to the seaside

MbM_A-Trip-To-The-Seaside_MAINLast week, Viktorija (of And Smile Studio) and I took a trip to the seaside to visit Michelle (of The Fox in The Attic) at her new stunning and humble abode out in St Leonard-on-Sea. Having had a busy few weeks prior to this, along with a battered immune system most of April (heavens knows what was up with me!), a day trip out by the sea with good friends was just what the doctor prescribed! The fresh air, the tranquillity, the walk on the beach, the rummaging through antique and junk shops, the home-made food and of course, the good company were just the things to boost my spirits……so I’m grateful to the girls for that! :) Anyway, I thought I’d share a little glimpse of our wee trip.

MbM_A-Trip-To-The-Seaside_15[Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]

Thanks so SO much Michelle, for putting us up in you gorgeous house and for the copious amounts of food and drink! (I think it took me a couple of days after to recover from the food coma!) And thanks Viktorija for your wonderful little bag of goodies!! Looking forward to our next catch up session in London already! Much love xx

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