[DIY Special] Inlaid Die-cutting technique by Preeya Stanley

MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-3_MAINOkay, so the reason why I didn’t have a DIY tutorial last week was because I had lined up my guest crafter and card-making extraordinaire Preeya (of Up to Some’ink) to show you more of her amazing card-making skills…..all the way from Australia! Also, I’m super delighted to tell you that Preeya will now be doing a quarterly guest post on Made by Molu, sharing all her tricks of the trade for you card-making and papercraft enthusiasts. It’s like a different world for me with all these die-cut tools and gadgets but the more I see these, the more I wish I had these snazzy equipment! Anyway, without further adieu, here’s the first of her fabulous paper-craft tutorial series! I do hope you will join me in welcoming her on board and of course enjoy all the goodies she creates! :)


Hi everyone!!

Today I am going to share with you how to create this card using an inlaid die-cuts technique. It is all the rage over in blogland and the paper-crafting world, and what’s good about it is that you can pop it in the post and it has no bulk whatsoever, but you still get that look and feel of added texture.

So lets get started!


  1. a Big Shot or other die cutting machine
  2. some die shapes – white cardstock
  3. various colours of cardstock, and scraps may do (i’ve used up all mine here)
  4. some liquid glue
  5. a tool to pick up and handle intricate pieces of paper- tweezers will do, but I have usedthe Lifestyle Crafts QuickStick (amazing)



MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-3_[Image credit: ©Preeya Stanley]

[1] First, you need to get an idea of your design and plan your colours so you’ll know what to cut and where. Then you need to place your dies on a white piece of cardstock that will be your front panel. Mine measures half an A5 so thats 10.5cm x 14.8cm. Arrange your dies in the pattern that you sketched. (I had to do mine over two separate goes as I had to re-use some of my circle dies.

[2] SO anyway, here we go – washi tape them down so that the pieces stay put in the machine and then roll them through the big shot on tab 1.

[3] Cut out any additional circles you may need as per your design in the same way as above.

MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-3_2[Image credit: ©Preeya Stanley]
 Now, get your pieces of coloured scrap card and die cut circles out of them – just make sure you have the same sized circles as the ones you have in your white panel of cardstock. Again, depending on your design, you may need to die cut your coloured circles so that they fit perfectly with any other circles that will lay against them on the card once it’s all put together.

[5] Now, layer your white panel on a piece of copy paper that has been cut to the same size.Place glue in the openings and piece together your circles. You can leave the card like this and simply stamp a bold greeting in black across these funky circles, and you would have yourself a very nice card…but we’ll take it a step further..

[6] Place your word die across the circles on your panel, and washi-tape it down. Run this through your die cutting machine to cut the word out. MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-3_3[Image credit: ©Preeya Stanley]

[7] Now, this step is IMPORTANT: When you take your project out of the machine, keep all the little pop-out pieces that result safe in a little bowl- you’ll need them soon.

[8] Die cut your word again, this time out of black cardstock, and glue it into the space created on your panel.

[9] Now, here is the fiddly bit. Use your little saved pop-out pieces and glue them back in. This is where you’ll need a pair of tweezers or something to handle those itty-bitty pieces. I used my QuickStick. It has a tacky tip which temporarily adheres to whatever you touch it to…So you can easily pick up little pieces of paper.

[10] Now, adhere your panel onto an A6 card base and you have one very impressive card that is gonna leave your recipient thinking…”How did she/he do that?!?!?!” ;) As you can probably tell this card was inspired by a certain ‘happy’ song that was on the radio a while ago, and I just loved the thought of turning it into a card… you can make this a card for any occasion by finishing off the ‘because I’m happy…’ sentiment on the inside of the card with… ‘for you’ or ‘it’s your birthday’.   Good luck!

MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-3_4[Image credit: ©Preeya Stanley]

Well, there you have it lovelies. It may be a bit advanced to some of us crafters especially if you don’t have right tools but if you think this is your kind of thing then do have a look into die-cutting tools like the Sizzix Big Shot, which really is well worth investing in if you’re into papercraft and card-making. I did actually write a post early last year on some amazing ‘must have’ list of crafting gadgets if you fancy taking a look there. So yea, I hope you have fun giving this a go and if you want to follow more of Preeya’s crafty antics do check her blog.

Thank you sooooo much Preeya for this tutorial and I look forward to the next one!! :)

Happy weekend everyone!! x x x

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